How to Make Up to $10,000/Month with Blogger Collaborations

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Are you tired of hitting your head against the wall, trying to figure out how to make your blog profitable.

It’s definitely a process to start and grow your blog. Endless hours of researching keywords, content, writing blog posts, sharing on social media, connecting with other bloggers to learn, build backlinks, practice SEO and a host of other things to try to get your blog off the ground.

There’s an easier way to do it all!

I’ve monetized brand new blogs (like 2-months old brand new) with blog collaborations!

Keep reading to learn all about how I do it!

What are blogger collaborations?

Blog collabs or brand deals are when you get paid by a sponsor to feature them on your blog.

Like if you’re a style blogger and a shoe company sends you a free pair of shoes and $200 to talk about them to your audience on social media and write a blog post.

That is what I’m talking about it.

Blogger collaborations vs. brand deals?

Blogger collaborations and brand deals are both types of partnerships between bloggers or influencers and companies or brands. However, they differ in terms of the nature of the partnership and the terms of the agreement.

Blogger collaborations typically involve two or more bloggers working together on a project, such as creating content for a blog or social media channel.

These collaborations are often informal and may not involve any financial compensation. They are a way for bloggers to share ideas, resources, and reach with each other and to create content that is mutually beneficial.

Brand deals, on the other hand, are more formal partnerships between a blogger or influencer and a company or brand. These deals usually involve the influencer promoting the brand’s products or services in exchange for some form of compensation, such as money, free products, or discounts.

Brand deals are often structured as sponsored content, which means that the influencer is paid to create and share content that features the brand’s products or services.

Both blogger collaborations and brand deals can be beneficial for bloggers and influencers, as they can help them reach a wider audience and potentially earn money or other forms of compensation.

However, it’s important for bloggers and influencers to be transparent about their partnerships and to disclose any sponsored content to their audience. This helps to maintain trust with their audience and to comply with advertising regulations.

Who are blogger collaborations for?

Blogger collaborations are for bloggers who want to work with other bloggers on a project or content creation. These collaborations can be between two or more bloggers and can involve creating content for a blog, social media channel, or other platform.

Blogger collaborations can be a good way for bloggers to share ideas, resources, and reach with each other and to create content that is mutually beneficial. They can also help bloggers to grow their audience and build relationships with other bloggers in their niche or industry.

Blogger collaborations can be especially useful for newer bloggers who may not yet have a large audience of their own. Collaborating with other bloggers can help them to reach a wider audience and to learn from more experienced bloggers.

Overall, blogger collaborations are for bloggers who want to work with others to create content and grow their online presence. They can be a useful tool for bloggers at any stage of their career, from beginners to more experienced bloggers.

Blogger collaborations work great for bloggers of all sizes and all paths, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned blogger.

Are blogger collaborations lucrative?

Blogger collaborations can be lucrative, but it really depends on the specific terms of the collaboration and the reach and influence of the blogger.

Some bloggers may be able to negotiate high fees for sponsored content or product promotions, while others may only receive free products or small amounts of money.

It’s also important to consider the time and effort required for a collaboration, as well as the potential benefits in terms of increased visibility and exposure.

Ultimately, the profitability of a blogger collaboration will depend on a variety of factors and will vary from one collaboration to another.

There’s a strategy to it all and your script has a lot to do with it.

I’m talking about pitching brands!

Sure you can join sponsored networks like Linqia and wait for them to match you with a brand but not only is the competition so fierce but they take a big cut of the compensation.

So instead of you getting $1,000, you might get $600 and they take $400.

The script is the key to connecting with the brand, taking the collaboration back into your hands where you call the shots, determine your own pay and decide what you’ll post instead of being subjected to what the network negotiates.

Grab my FREE pitch script (and instructions) so you can start pitching brands for blog collaborations starting today!

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