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You desperately need money! Don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Desperately need money

If you’re like me you’re always downloading new apps to your cell phone.

For me the apps that I install are usually entertainment-related like games or social media apps but why not start using apps that can actually make you money? Psstt…you can! I will show you how with these best cashback apps to save money (keep reading).

Whether you do your shopping online or in person in stores, there are plenty of different ways to take advantage of money saving apps. Did you know that there are actually apps to help you earn free cash back and rewards can help you save money?

One thing I totally love about cash back apps is that many of them let you use your coupons and still get cash back. That’s like getting a double reward.

And, one of my favorite ways to use cash back rewards is to bundle it with cash back savings from other sources like your credit cards.

For example, one of my cards gives me rewards every time I use it so I can bundle that with a cash back app to earn even more rewards and cash.

Not to mention many cash back apps InboxDollars or Swagbucks will actually give you a sign up bonus for joining. It’s not a huge amount, usually $5 or $10 but, bring money is free money, right?

With all the different cash back apps that exist I have put together a roundup of  my favorite cash back apps to save money at least two savior up to $1,200 a year without making any big changes to the way you shop.

Before we dive in, don’t forget to bookmark this post so you can come back to it later let’s get started.

Desperately Need Money? Best Cashback Apps for Instant Savings

1. Rakuten

best cashback apps for saving money 2020

Rakuten, formerly Ebates Is probably the top cashback app that I used. It’s free to join and if you join using my link you will get a $10 sign up bonus totally free. 

They offer a couple different ways for you to get cash back.

First, you can use the browser extension. You simply install the browser extension for free and it will activate any time you land on one of their partner websites. They partner with thousands of stores and retailers including Old Navy and Best Buy and other stores that you probably shop and have heard of. 

Head to one of Rakuten’s partner sites the extension activates and all you have to do is accept the cashback offer to accept the savings and it will be applied to your Rakuten account as soon as you check out.

The other way you can get cash back is by shopping on their portal. You just log in to their site then, find a retailer in their portal which will take you to the retail website and shop as normal.
After you finish out you’ll have your cash back by to your Rakuten account.

Get your free $10 bonus and join Rakuten today.

2. Swagbucks

best cashback apps for saving money 2020

Grab a free $5 bonus when you join Swagbucks. This popular cashback app gives you a ton of different ways to make money easily from your cell phone or computer.

You can do things like:

  • Watch videos
  • Shop online
  • Discuss stuff on the internet
  • Play games
  • Take surveys
  • And, more!

You will never get bored with Swagbucks.

If you are looking for some ways to earn a little extra cash, this is the site for you. They are top rated, with a nearly perfect rating on Trustpilot. They’ve paid out over $400 million dollars to their members.

Swagbucks is free to join and if you refer your friends and family, you can earn some extra cash as a referral bonus.

Head to Swagbucks to sign up and claim your free $5 for joining.

3. Checkout 51

best cashback apps for saving money 2020

Get your $5 bonus for creating a free account with Checkout 51. This is a cashback app that you need for your grocery shopping. It’s a must have to have installed on your smartphone. If you’re not using Checkout 51 now, you are really leaving money on the table.

This is the best cashback app to save money on groceries. They offer a ton of cashback offers on the app available for you to claim, including getting free cash rebates on your grocery trip.

Grab cashback on popular grocery items like produce (fruits and veggies), pantry items (like soups and cereals), personal care items like shampoo and soap, dairy (milk, eggs, butter, etc.), snacks, frozen foods, and more.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get rewards with Checkout 51.

This app is perfect for everyone.

You don’t need to have a smartphone to download Checkout 51, you can  simple create a free account on your computer and start earning your cashback and money-saving offers.

They are constantly refreshing their offers and now, they even offer savings on gas!

To get started, click here to grab your $5 bonus for joining Checkout 51.

4. Ibotta

best cashback apps for saving money 2020

Ibotta is another favorite of mine for getting cashback on grocery shopping. When you desperately need money for groceries, this is THE app to use.

Can you tell it’s one of my favorite grocery apps?

They’ve paid out over $600 million dollars to their 35+ million members. This top cashback apps is one that I’m super excited to share with you.

Ibotta gives you many ways to get free cashback. They can even score you cashback on everyday shopping items, like clothes, party purchases, and more. It really is like getting paid to shop.

How it works?

Join Ibotta for free. Then, take advantage of their multiple ways to get free cashback. They work with top brands like Walmart and Target to get the best cashback savings for their members.

It is super easy to start generating savings from your weekly or monthly grocery trips. Your cashback is credited to your Ibotta account and then you can redeem it.

They even offer an incentive for referring your friends. Perfect when you desperately need money.

As a top way to save on groceries, you have got to join Ibotta.

Click here to join Ibotta and start saving.

Final Thoughts on The Best Cashback Apps to Save Money

I think a lot of us have been there. You desperately need money. You’re looking at your empty bank account. Wondering what to do.

There are plenty of opportunities to save money all around us. I hope you enjoyed my favorites here, the best cashback apps to save money!

Take advantage of the apps I mentioned above for a chance to score free cash for things you’re doing anyway. If you have any questions, comment down below!

Recommended Resources to Increase Your Income and Save Money When You Desperately Need Money

Along with the best cashback apps to save money, these are some of my very favorite resources I personally recommend to strengthen your financial picture, help you save and make more money. Enjoy!

Credit Firm

Credit is something that you definitely need in life.
It affords most people the ability to buy house and buy a car as well as finance other large expenses and sometimes even unexpected costs that can arise.
Even if you have no plans to make a large purchase in the near future it’s still a great idea to make sure your credit is in check. There are so many little things that can impact your credit and often times you may be unaware Of these things impacting your credit score.
A high credit score of forts you a low interest-rate and a low payment where as a low credit score can mean the exact opposite and sometimes not even qualifying for that purchase you’re looking to make.
So with a choice of paying more or paying less, of course you want to pay less in to do that you want to make sure that you have the best credit score possible.
So take a look at Credit firm, which is a company that can help you review and improve your credit. It’s really great to have experts on your side and to take away the overwhelm and stress of trying to manage your credit on your own.


If you’re in a pickle and desperately need money, this is perfect when you’re looking to make a few hundred dollars extra this month, look at online panels. I’ve done multiple panels, earning $100+ for each one. They are free to join and pay anywhere from $40 to $400+.
The most I’ve earned has been $400 on a single panel. It’s like taking a survey but you’ll be doing it interview-style, talking to the researcher on the phone, via email or online.


Did you know that you can save money on your online shopping? It’s like getting paid to shop.
All you do is install the free cashback browser extension from Rakuten and you’ll get a popup when you land on a partner retail website.
Click “Activate” to activate your cashback and after checkout, it will be applied to your Rakuten account. I earned around $28 very quickly after joining.
It’s not part-time income kind of money but it is extra money that you can get absolutely free, for doing what you’re doing anyway, online shopping.


Considering investing? Not sure where to start?
Acorns helps you invest your spare change on autopilot.  They round up your purchases and invest the difference for you. It’s fully automated investing, right at your fingertips.
Take control, grow your money and more. This is one of my favorite investment companies.


Looking for an online bank? Today, there are so many available, it’s tough to pick one.
I joined Chime within the last 6 months and I absolutely love them!
They send me daily balance notifications, alert me when a charge is declined, they have savings accounts and much more.
I love their overdraft protection feature and it’s easier than ever to transfer money to friends and family. Their apps is one of the most streamlined, easy-to-use online banking apps I’ve encountered.
I found them through a discussion in a Facebook group I was spying on. It was a business group and the discussion was about how the girls in the group used Chime for their business banking for their sole proprietorship and it’s helped them separate business and personal expenses.
It’s a great use for that and also perfect for your personal banking.
Desperately need money? Best Cashback Apps to Save Money    Best Cashback Apps to Save Money