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30 Millennial Food TrendsMillennial food trends. We’re all thinking it. You’re going to have a good laugh at this post. It’s the 30 best millennial food trends of the year.

Wondering how millennial you are? Do you eat these things?

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What are Millennial Foods?

They are foods commonly eaten by millennials. That doesn’t mean that other groups don’t eat them, like Generation X or Baby Boomers but they are super PREVALENT among millennials.

So what are they?

Here is the list!

30 Millennial Food Trends You Are Enjoying

1.Avocado Toast

2.Vegan Food


4.In and Out Burger

5. Alfred Coffee

6. Sweet Green

7. Impossible Burger

8. Green Tea

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9. Charcoal Water

10. Cashew Cream Cheese

11. Oat Milk

12. Apple Cider Vinegar

13. Wellness Shot

14. Matcha

15. Kombucha

16. Quinoa

17. Cloud eggs

18. Rainbow food

19. Crepe cake

20. Black ice cream

21. Cold Brew

22. Brunch

23. Overnight oats

24. Smoothie bowls

25. Kale

26. Smoothies

27. Donuts

28. Food in bowls

29. Cauliflower rice

30. Unicorn anything

Final Thoughts on Millennial Foods

What do you think about these millennial foods? Sounds totally silly. Share your thoughts below in comments!