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  • How to Get Clubhouse for Ipad

    Looking for a Clubhouse app invite?

    Clubhouse is one of the latest and popular invite-only apps that people are raving about. It’s for iOS devices only so if you’ve got an iPhone then you’re solid. If not, then you may have to wait until it comes to Android unless you have another iOS device like an iPad.

    In this article I’m gonna share how you can get the Clubhouse app on your iPad.

    Let’s go.

    Clubhouse App for Ipad

    I was first introduced to Clubhouse by a friend of mine.

    His explanation of Clubhouse wasn’t totally clear to me but I did a little bit more research and I learned what clubhouse was about.

    It’s an audio-based app where you can congregate with other people in rooms and have live chats. The host will create a room and others will join and everyone will have an open discussion. Discussions are about every topic under the sun, like:

    • How to boost your credit
    • How to brand your business
    • Stocks chat
    • Basketball chat
    • Dating and relationships chat

    This is unlike other apps or websites that I’ve heard about so I was instantly drawn to it. The only issue was that it was for iOS devices only and it was invite-only.

    The Clubhouse Invite

    I had an in for a possible invite for a while and I’ll talk more about how you can snap up a Clubhouse invite later in the article.

    The issue that I had was that I didn’t have an iPhone!

    I really wanted to join Clubhouse so bad I considered buying a used iPhone and using it for business purposes and mainly to access Clubhouse. I searched on Best Buy, Overstock, Gazelle and other sites looking at used iPhones to find a good deal.

    I wanted to get an iPhone that wouldn’t break the bank so I really didn’t wanna pay any more than $200 but, as you know cell phones are expensive, especially iPhones even used iPhone cell phones.

    While you can get a used iPhone for under $200 it’s going to be an older version and if you don’t know this about Apple, eventually old Apple products will have to be replaced.

    Like my iPad that just stopped taking new downloads from the Apple store.

    Or my MacBook that I wasn’t able to get iMovie installed on because it didn’t have the latest software version and it simply wasn’t available for my old MacBook.

    So if I stayed on budget, could I get an iPhone?


    But what is it going to be the right iPhone for this brand new app, Clubhouse and how long will it be before I had to upgrade and come out of pocket with more money?

    Because of these questions, I decided against investing in an iPhone. I really wasn’t interested in paying $500+ for a phone that I didn’t need, other than for an app so I researched other ways to get Clubhouse and I realized that it was for iOS devices which included iPads!

    And I happened to have an iPad!

    How to get a clubhouse for iPad?

    The Clubhouse app is in the App Store on your iPad.

    I found it and downloaded it. I even set up and reserved my user name and added my phone number.

    So the only thing was getting an invitation.

    While waiting for an invite I scoured the Internet to find instructions for the Clubhouse app for iPad and I came up with absolutely nothing.

    I realized that the Clubhouse app is a new app but there were tons of stories about it all over the web. But nothing about Clubhouse for iPad. This really made me wonder, can you really join Clubhouse on your iPad?

    I had talked to Clubhouse members who said that you can use it on your iPad but they joined on their iPhone.

    So you can use Clubhouse on your iPad but can you join Clubhouse on your iPad?

    After weeks of trying to hunt for an answer I finally gave up and decided just to give it a go.

    I really didn’t like the idea of possibly wasting one of these precious invitations that someone would be so generous to offer to me but there was really no other way to test this thing to actually go through with it. So I moved forward with trying to get an invitation to Clubhouse.

    How to get a Clubhouse Invitation

    If you know someone who has Clubhouse and invitations available, ask them.

    If you don’t, head to Facebook.

    Facebook groups, specifically.

    These ones:

    There are business groups filled with people who talk about Clubhouse. Some are so generous to share in the group that they have one or two invitations that they are willing to give away. You just have to be on the group at that time to respond in a comment so you can get an invitation.

    There are also Clubhouse invitation trains in some groups.

    One person starts by inviting another to Clubhouse and then that person uses one of their invitations to invite the next person, then so on and so forth. I have seen these trains in action almost a dozen times but it always derails unfortunately.


    Clubhouse is for ioS devices. If an invitation is sent to you and you don’t have an ioS device then you can’t get on. And, that’s a wasted invitation. That person that invited you cannot get it back.

    And to get in on a Clubhouse train, you’ve got to be glued to Facebook and tuned into the group. Even with notifications turned on for the group, it can be tough.

    For me, I was juggling being a wife and parent, cooking dinner, cleaning, do some light work for my company in the evening with tuning into Facebook every so often. I always managed to miss the train by a second or so.

    So annoying.

    I finally managed to score an invitation from someone who dropped a comment in a group that he had an invitation and was giving it away. I commented and he DM’d me with the invitation details. Within 5 minutes, I was on!

    How to Get on Clubhouse for iPad

    This is how I got on Clubhouse for iPad.

    First, I made sure I downloaded the app in advance on my iPad. Then, I registered reserving my username and adding my phone number.

    Then, when the invitation was extended, I opened the app and I got a pop up that I was invited. I built out my profile and then I was live on Clubhouse!

    The whole thing took about 5 minutes, easy!

    Hopefully this article has helped you out.

    If you have any questions, please comment below!


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  • What is a bank statement loan?

    What is a bank statement loan?

    A bank statement loan also called a self employed mortgage is a mortgage loan considered an alternative loan. The reason for this is because traditional mortgage loan documents that would be required to secure the loan like your W-2s or paystub‘s or other documents may not be required for this kind of loan.

    Bank statement loans offer a new flexible wait for people to qualify for loans.

    Today with the rise of alternative jobs like gig work and related careers, it can be more challenging for people to qualify for loans so banks started offering these alternative type Lowes called bank statement loans.

    How do bank statement loans work?

    With bank statement loans applicants use their bank accounts to validate their income and cash flow.

    So while a traditional mortgage loan would require tax statements and other income documents, these are not required for a bank statement loan.

    So it offers some flexibility in qualifying for lending however documents are still required and you will still have to meet other loan requirements like a minimum credit score, enough liquid reserves, possibly a business license and other requests that the bank may have.

    It will vary from lender to lender so keep that in mind.

    As you can imagine, bank statement loans carry more risk the traditional mortgages so to account for this higher level of risk you can expect to get a higher interest-rate compared to traditional mortgage.

    Applicants are usually ok with this trade-off considering they may not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan in the first place. You could always start off with a bank statement loan and then refinance into a traditional mortgage later on in the future.

    Who is a bank statement loan for?

    For people who may have difficulty qualifying for a traditional mortgage loan, a bank statement loan can be a solution.

    This is for people who might have high cash flow or strong bank statements but may lack in other areas like they may be new to their business or have slightly challenged credit.

    Business owners like freelancers, consultants attorneys, investors, agents and other small business owners are likely candidates for bank statement loans. This is because they might encounter some difficulty when trying to obtain traditional mortgage loan documents so this loan program can be a solution for them.

    Advantages of bank statement loan program

    • Traditional bank mortgage loan documents are not required
    • Lower credit thresholds
    • Higher DTI (debt-to-income) ratios

    Disadvantages of bank statement loan program

    • Higher interest rate

    So, advantages of a bank statement mortgage loan include higher loan limits and less stringent requirements for qualification like a higher debt to income ratio and using bank statements to qualify instead of other documents like paystubs.

    Bank statement loans can also be used to buy primary homes, second homes, and investment properties.

    Then of course the main drawback is a higher interest-rate. To compensate for the higher risk you may be asked to put more money down as well, as much is up to 30% down depending on the lender.

    And bank statement loans are an  alternative form of financing so they are not offered everywhere and they are not available by every lender.

    Is a bank statement mortgage loan worth it?

    It can be worth it.

    It really depends on the personal situation of the borrower. If there are no options to buy a house other than a bank statement loan then this may be a good short term solution until you can secure a traditional mortgage loan which promises a lower interest-rate which can lower your monthly payment.

    And if you consider the alternative which is either not buying the house or paying cash for the house which requires a lot of cash upfront then bank statement mortgage loan does not seem that bad. They’re actually a very viable option for many borrowers.

    You can look at renting versus taking a bank statement to see which would be the better opportunity for you.

    With renting you’re basically contributing to paying someone else’s mortgage loan. It’s kind of like throwing away money. So take the cost of your monthly rent and multiply it by the number of months that you may have to have a bank statement mortgage loan before you can refinance it to traditional loan.

    With that number then take the difference in interest you would pay between distinct steam and loan and traditional loan and multiply it by the  Time for you to get into a traditional loan and compare this number to the previous number. Which ever number is higher is going to be the more costly option.

    So it might be right or it might be that statement loans go with option that’s cheaper for you or maybe not. Sometimes it’s not all about money at the end of the day and happiness really outweighs all.

    How to find a bank statement loan?

    Bank statement loans or non-qualified mortgages can be tricky to find. Not all banks offer them and to get started I would recommend contacting your own personal bank just to see if it’s an option that they offer.

    And if it’s not something they offer, ask if there’s a company they recommend or an alternative that they talk to their customers about or that their customers have used for a mortgage loan.

    You can also look at trying to find a mortgage lending company that specializes only in mortgage loans. Those types of financial institutions offer a variety of different mortgage loans including banks statement loans. Other than that you can do a thorough search online looking at Google and other search engines.

    You can also look at joining forums and groups online like Facebook groups that talk about bank statement loans or mortgage options for business owners or self-employed people.

    Do you need a bank statement?

    Yes, you will need a bank statement for a bank statement loan.

    That’s the whole thing behind bank statement loans.

    The mortgage lender is looking for proof that you can support paying for mortgage payments and so the last for your bank statement. Getting a bank statement is usually a pretty simple process and your bank probably already sends this to you monthly anyway whether you get them mailed or online.

    And if you don’t, it’s as simple as a phone call or email to your bank can get you your last three months or however many past bank statements you need.

    What are bank statement mortgage loan rates?

    Bank statement mortgage loan rates are higher than traditional mortgages, no doubt.

    This is because bank statement mortgage loans are considered more risky than regular mortgages. You’re going to find that their requirements are a little more lenient and to compensate for that risk, you’ll find rates around 6% to 8% depending upon the market. If you compare that to mortgage rates today which are at 2.5 to 4% or so, you can see that it’s a bit higher.

    Should this scare you away?

    Maybe but also consider that you don’t have to have your bank statement mortgage loan forever and many people will often refinance into a traditional mortgage when the time is right.

    Here’s an example of when this scenario might make sense.

    An example of a scenario where a bank statement loan might make sense

    Consider you are self-employed and you’ve been with your business for 13 months.

    You’re making good money earning $150,000 per year as your salary and you have a family of four which includes you, your partner and two kids. Your partner is a stay at home parent and they are not working.

    You’re looking to buy a house and you’re finding that banks are requiring you to have two years of self-employed history before they can consider your income from your employment.

    So that means if you apply for a mortgage loan, since you have less than two years of self-employed history you cannot use your self-employed income on the loan application.

    So without your self-employed income on the loan application you have to consider other kinds of income you may be able to use to qualify.

    Since your partner does not work and you don’t have any other income streams coming in, the loan application would have zero income and so it would likely be declined.

    So what can you do?

    You can look at a bank statement mortgage loan possibly.

    A bank statement mortgage loan looks more heavily on your income flow and so 13 months in your business with $150,000 salary may work for this type of loan.

    In the end you get what you want, which is a house that you can buy with a non-traditional mortgage, the bank statement mortgage loan.

    You compromise with the higher interest-rate you receive in exchange for being able to buy a house now rather than wait another year for you to have two years of history which is required from more traditional mortgage types.

    And then later down the road once you meet the time in self-employed requirement, you can refinance for a traditional mortgage loan which will likely help you reduce your interest-rate and may also lower your monthly payment.

    Are bank statement loans right for you?

    This type of mortgage loan may be right for you depending on your situation. As with everything you should weigh the pros and the cons and see what falls more in your favor.

    Sometimes it’s just better to wait until you can get past that hurdle that’s making it tough to qualify for traditional mortgage and then just get that later down the road. But bank statement loans can be a fit for people that need a mortgage loan right now so it is an option.

    How to get a bank statement loan?

    You’ve done your research and due diligence and you’re ready to take the plunge and get a bank statement loan.

    So how do you do it?

    First, find a mortgage lending company that offers bank statement loans. Review the terms thoroughly and if it’s a good fit for you move forward with the application.

    During the application process you’ll be asked questions about your income and employment. You will be asked other questions as well and as you’re getting qualified you’ll get your credit checked and go through some of the other procedures required for a traditional mortgage loan.

    From here the process may vary from bank to bank depending upon who you get your loan from.

    What do you think?

    I hope this has answered some questions about alternative mortgage loans. If you have any questions about bank statement loans, comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

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    Credit Firm

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    A high credit score of forts you a low interest-rate and a low payment where as a low credit score can mean the exact opposite and sometimes not even qualifying for that purchase you’re looking to make.
    So with a choice of paying more or paying less, of course you want to pay less in to do that you want to make sure that you have the best credit score possible.
    So take a look at Credit firm, which is a company that can help you review and improve your credit. It’s really great to have experts on your side and to take away the overwhelm and stress of trying to manage your credit on your own.


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    Considering investing? Not sure where to start?
    Acorns helps you invest your spare change on autopilot.
    They round up your purchases and invest the difference for you. It’s fully automated investing, right at your fingertips. Take control, grow your money and more. This is one of my favorite investment companies.


    Looking for an online bank? Today, there are so many available, it’s tough to pick one.
    I joined Chime within the last 6 months and I absolutely love them!
    They send me daily balance notifications, alert me when a charge is declined, they have savings accounts and much more. I love their overdraft protection feature and it’s easier than ever to transfer money to friends and family.
    Their apps is one of the most streamlined, easy-to-use online banking apps I’ve encountered.
    I found them through a discussion in a Facebook group I was spying on. It was a business group and the discussion was about how the girls in the group used Chime for their business banking for their sole proprietorship and it’s helped them separate business and personal expenses.
    It’s a great use for that and also perfect for your personal banking.


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  • 7 Part Time Remote Jobs for Introverts

    Part time remote jobs are perfect for a lot of people. Working online is a dream for many. There’s flexibility and freedom, you can save money on your commute and what’s better than working in your pajamas, which you can get away with in many remote jobs, trust me.

    Then, working part time means you won’t have to dedicate all your free time to extra work. The part time hours you pick up are great for upping your income a bit to help you work closer to your goals, whether you’re looking to grow your savings account, save for a large purchase, or any other goal you might have.

    Online weekend jobs are something else to consider, where you work on weekends only..

    A lot of people are looking for part time jobs. This list of 7 part time remote jobs might be just what you’re looking for! Don’t forget to bookmark this article to come back to it later. Let’s go!

    What are part time remote jobs?

    part time remote jobs

    Part time remote jobs are work from home jobs you do part time.

    Part time work is generally less than 25 hours per week, though this can vary based on your area.

    It’s less than full time, that’s for sure.

    A part time job is good because that means you only need to dedicate some of your extra time to working on the side.

    Let’s check out the list of 7 part time remote jobs for you..

    7 Part Time Remote Jobs to Learn About

    part time remote jobs

    These jobs are great for introverts who love working independently and get energy for quiet. No social anxiety inducing jobs here. Enjoy!

    1.Graphic Designer

    part time remote jobs

    A graphic designer is someone who is paid to create graphics for a living. These can be:

    • Social media graphics
    • Book covers
    • Website design
    • Website graphics
    • Email graphics
    • Illustrations
    • And, more!

    Graphic design jobs are in demand and if you have the skills to design for others, this job will be right up your alley.

    I wouldn’t call myself a designer by any means but even I have gotten some design gigs here and there. If you’re a creative, this job is perfect for you. It’s great because generally you don’t need a college degree or specific experience needed to land this job.

    You can find design jobs on job boards, freelance job websites, word of mouth referrals, from your personal networks, and social media sites like Facebook or LInkedIn.

    2. Social media manager

    part time remote jobs

    This is a job I did for many years and still do!

    A social media manager make money managing a company’s social media network.

    This can extend to many different socials including:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Tik Tok
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • And, others!

    It’s kind of like getting paid to play on social media.

    You should be well-organized and detail-oriented. Like graphic designers, SMMs (social media managers) generally do not need a formal degree, expertise or experience to land this job. It’s similar to the role of a virtual assistant but with sole focus on social media.

    Some of your tasks may include:

    • Strategy creation and execution
    • Graphic design
    • Analytics/data collecting and monitoring
    • Fan growth
    • And, other duties

    I have found the most social media manager gigs on Upwork. Check out that network and others to find jobs in this field.

    3. Content writer

    part time remote jobs

    A content writer makes money creating content for their clients. This can include content articles for magazines, blogs, podcasts, etc.

    I do this too and it’s actually the first side hustle I ventured into.

    I wrote for sites like eHow and Krazy Coupon Lady back in the day.

    It was a lot of fun and taught me a lot about writing.

    For a flexible schedule and independent work, content writer is the job you are looking for. It’s great for introverts too.

    If you want to learn how to make a lot of money writing, check out this training taught by a writer who makes $200,000 per year copywriting!

    4. Video Editing

    Video editors earn money through video editing.

    This is a skill many people don’t have so if you can do this, you will dominate the market.

    Video editing gigs you land may include editing YouTube videos, sales videos, video ads, etc. 

    Other tasks might include:

    • Creating a video concept or strategy
    • Trimming content, cutting, merging
    • Adding overlays and text, and
    • Polishing the raw video material into a finished video

    Find video editor jobs in editor-specific forums and groups and websites along with freelance job banks like Upwork.

    5. Proofreading

    A professional proofreader makes money proofreading! In short, you will be reviewing documents and your task will be spotting errors in grammar and spelling .

    You can earn up to $20/hour to $65/hour+ for your proofreading skills.

    Caitlin Pyle made $43,000 per year when she first started proofreading.

    Find jobs on Upwork or set up gigs on Fiverr.

    6. Virtual Assistant

    A virtual assistant or VA is a personal assistant that works from home.

    It’s like being a personal assistant but in an online capacity only.

    You will get the chance to meet new people virtually, work with as many clients as you’d like and make pretty good money as a VA. Most VAs charge $10 to $100 per hour. It’s not unusal to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month as a VA working less than full time!

    For a part time remote job, this is it!

    Your clients may include anyone from business professionals, celebrities, busy households, busy corporates, small business, mid-sized businesses, etc.

    Find VA jobs in these places:

    7. Survey taker

    For quick, easy money and a fun part time remote job, try survey taking!

    You get paid for your honest opinion and it’s as simple as that. It’s an easy online gig and other than working from home, you can work when you want!

    Join survey sites, take as many surveys as you wish and make money.

    Survey sites pay in a variety of ways from direct deposit, PayPal deposit, free gift cards and other rewards.

    These surveys are relatively low paying so most won’t pay as high as $30 to $100 but you can view these $50 survey sites to find more high paying gigs.

    There are even $100 survey sites where you can make up to $500 per survey! I’ve done a few of these and you should definitely try them too.

    To earn the most money from taking surveys, join multiple survey sites, be consistent and have fun!

    Survey websites are free to join and they are a great source of extra income when you need to pick up some extra cash from time to time.

    Here are some of my favorite survey companies:

    Recommended Resources to Increase Your Income and Save Money

    Credit Firm

    Credit is something that you definitely need in life.
    It affords most people the ability to buy house and buy a car as well as finance other large expenses and sometimes even unexpected costs that can arise.
    Even if you have no plans to make a large purchase in the near future it’s still a great idea to make sure your credit is in check.
    There are so many little things that can impact your credit and often times you may be unaware Of these things impacting your credit score.
    A high credit score of forts you a low interest-rate and a low payment where as a low credit score can mean the exact opposite and sometimes not even qualifying for that purchase you’re looking to make.
    So with a choice of paying more or paying less, of course you want to pay less in to do that you want to make sure that you have the best credit score possible.
    So take a look at Credit firm, which is a company that can help you review and improve your credit. It’s really great to have experts on your side and to take away the overwhelm and stress of trying to manage your credit on your own.


    If you’re in a pickle and looking to make a few hundred dollars extra this month, look at online panels. I’ve done multiple panels, earning $100+ for each one. They are free to join and pay anywhere from $40 to $400+.
    The most I’ve earned has been $400 on a single panel. It’s like taking a survey but you’ll be doing it interview-style, talking to the researcher on the phone, via email or online.


    Did you know that you can save money on your online shopping? It’s like getting paid to shop. All you do is install the free cashback browser extension from Rakuten and you’ll get a popup when you land on a partner retail website. Click “Activate” to activate your cashback and after checkout, it will be applied to your Rakuten account. I earned around $28 very quickly after joining.
    It’s not part-time income kind of money but it is extra money that you can get absolutely free, for doing what you’re doing anyway, online shopping.


    Considering investing? Not sure where to start?
    Acorns helps you invest your spare change on autopilot.  They round up your purchases and invest the difference for you. It’s fully automated investing, right at your fingertips. Take control, grow your money and more. This is one of my favorite investment companies.


    Looking for an online bank? Today, there are so many available, it’s tough to pick one.
    I joined Chime within the last 6 months and I absolutely love them!
    They send me daily balance notifications, alert me when a charge is declined, they have savings accounts and much more. I love their overdraft protection feature and it’s easier than ever to transfer money to friends and family. Their apps is one of the most streamlined, easy-to-use online banking apps I’ve encountered.
    I found them through a discussion in a Facebook group I was spying on. It was a business group and the discussion was about how the girls in the group used Chime for their business banking for their sole proprietorship and it’s helped them separate business and personal expenses.
    It’s a great use for that and also perfect for your personal banking.

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  • How to get paid 100 dollars per survey

    Looking for ways how to get paid 100 dollars per survey?

    This might sound out of reach but it’s definitely possible and I’ve done it myself multiple times. In this article I’m gonna share how you can find ways how to get paid $100 per survey so you can make money online with high-paying surveys.

    How to Find 100 Dollar Surveys

    As you probably know, paid online surveys are a great way to make extra cash online.

    You get paid to share your honest opinion and there are many survey companies that offer this opportunity to respondents for free. I’ve been taking paid online surveys off and on for years now.

    It’s a really good opportunity to make some money online easily working from the comfort of home.

    Most online surveys are pretty low paying, to be honest. You don’t need any specialized skills, educational background or experience to make money with online surveys so you can expect them to be on the lower paying side. How you can make the most money with surveys is by taking more surveys.

    For example, if your goal is to make $500 per month with survey taking you would want to join multiple survey companies and consistently take many surveys all throughout the month to hit your target.

    The most I’ve ever made from an online survey in one day has been $400 and that was from one single survey.

    Surveys like that do exist and I’m gonna show you exactly where to look to find $100+ paying surveys online.


    For a $100 survey, Respondent is where you can find them.

    Respondent is a market research company that holds online panels. This is a little different than an online survey but still very similar.

    Surveys vs. Online Panels

    The main difference between surveys and online panels is that online panels are longer and more in depth. With an online survey you may sit at your computer or be on an app on your cell phone and answer questions on the screen until you’re done.

    You work independently, assigning yourself various surveys to yourself to take based on your interest and time and that’s it. With online panels they typically take a minimum of 20 minutes to take, if not longer. Many run 60 to 90 minutes and some online panels may take a lot longer up to 1 to 3 weeks in length.

    They also pay much more.

    Surveys generally pay up to a couple dollars each.

    You can expect to earn $20-$500 each with online panels. I participated in a handful and have earned $400 for a single panel, $100, $125, etc.

    How to get started

    To get started, join the site for free and then you’ll instantly have access to all of the online panel opportunities.

    You can sift through the opportunities you see on the screen and complete the pre-screener for each one that you’re interested in. The prescreener is a short survey which screens you as a panelist for that online panel to see if you’re a good fit.

    If you are a good fit then you’ll be contacted further so you can schedule a time for the online panel. There are many different kinds of panels you can take from independent diary studies to group panels, phone interview, web interview and others.

    Click here to join Respondent.

    User Interviews

    This company is another market research company like Respondent that does online panels. They are very, very similar to Respondent so much of what I said about Respondent applies to User Interviews as well.

    To join, you sign up for the website for free then you’ll have instant access to all the opportunities you can apply to the ones that interest you and you’ll go through a short screener or to see if you’re a good fit.

    Final Word on how to get paid $100 per survey

    You see, it is possible to get paid $100 per survey. These two market research companies are some of my favorite for high paying surveys. Check them out and for more, here are 7 free websites for $50 surveys.

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  • 4 Everyday Things You’re Paying Too Much For

    4 Things That You’re Probably Paying Too Much For

    You’re paying too much! Have you ever received a bill in the mail to renew a service and you realized that…

    1) you were already paying for that same service with another company and
    2) you were already covered for the same service by an even different company?


    Here are some examples:

    • Streaming cable services
    • Subscription boxes
    • Insurance
    • Other monthly subscriptions

    Here’s a list so you can do your own inventory and find some savings in your budget where you too, can cut the fat!

    If you’re struggling financially, this is going to definitely help. And for more, head to these 17+ online weekend jobs to help you make some extra cash on the side.

    You’re Paying Too Much for Road-side Services

    So, we’ve discussed this. But start here. Take a look at what you are currently paying for, what might have duplicate coverage and what you’d be able to drop altogether.

    For example I get free roadside services from a number of different companies that I work with. Like my auto insurance includes free roadside assistance.

    I also have roadside services with a number of credit cards and banks that I work with. So for me, because I have free coverage from so many places and if I had free coverage from one place it would be exactly the same, there’s really no need to buy roadside assistance.

    Because this expense isn’t something that you normally think of, you might forget that you’re actually covered. So before you start researching roadside services to invest in, check your benefits to see if you already have this.

    You’re Paying Too Much for TV Services

    Here we’re talking about – Netflix, Redbox rentals, Hulu, Roku, Dish, Cable, Direct TV. All of it.

    Many people have multiple subscriptions but a quick analysis of your viewing habits can show you what your true needs are. It doesn’t make sense to keep two services when one does the job. You can save $1,022.40 this year by dropping an $80/month satellite service and skipping a $2.40 weekly trip to the big red box.

    Instead, just keep the streaming movie and TV series subscription.

    You might have to wait for a few weeks to watch the latest movies, but you probably won’t hate all that extra money you saved!

    You’re Paying Too Much for Phone/Internet/TV Services

    We all know this, but how many of us actually DO this? Bundle, Bundle, Bundle! If you are going with a TV service as listed above, and you have internet or phone services, then be sure to get a bundle price. ALSO- never feel bad asking for a discount.

    If you see a new customer offer, (especially when you are out of contract) be sure to ask if they will extend the deal to you. You will have to speak to the customer retention department (rather than customer service) but they will likely offer to give you the same deal if you express your desire to go elsewhere if they can’t extend the offer to their loyal customers.

    You’re Paying Too Much for Internet

    Unless you work from home then perhaps you should investigate using your cell phone as a hot spot to provide internet service for your devices. For just a little more a month (and sometimes it is a provided service, depending on your cell plan) you can use your cell phone service to also stream the internet.

    Make sure to check into this before forking over a monthly internet service.

    Alternatively, you could cut the data service from your cell phone provider and use Wi-Fi on your phone instead. Think about how and where you use the internet and make the choice that will work best for you and your family.

    Use these tips to start reviewing areas where you may be over paying, and start saving today! And don’t stop there! Make a list of other areas you thought of and get to work, saving your hard-earned dollars. Your piggy bank will squeal in delight!

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  • 7 Free Websites to Find $50 Surveys

    If you’ve been struggling trying to find $50 surveys to make money online, then I have got such a treat for you!

    You probably already know that paid online surveys are a great way to earn some extra cash. They are a flexible opportunity to let you work from home, take online surveys when you want to and get paid for it.

    While you can’t make a full-time income from sharing your opinion with online surveys, you can definitely make some side hustle cash from it and then use that money to fuel your savings account, enjoy a more fruitful life style, invest or any other purpose that you may have.

    The problem that a lot of people have with paid online surveys is that they are low paying.

    And if you think about it, it probably makes sense. They are low effort and require you to share your opinion online. That’s your only work.

    So you can expect to earn a couple dollars per survey, typically. However what a lot of people don’t know is that there are high paying surveys out there that exist.

    It is possible to get paid $50 per survey or more! Keep reading while we unpack these 7 free websites where you can find these $50 surveys.

    What is paid online survey taking?

    For those of you that don’t know, let me go over survey taking just a bit first.

    Market research companies are looking to get the input and opinion of consumers and they’re willing to pay for it.

    So you can join a market research company website (survey company) for free, participate and paid online surveys and make money for your time.

    Each survey company is a little different.

    Some may email you when offers are available while others will have a surplus of survey offers that you can take online whenever you want to. Many are in unlimited supply and it’s really in your hands how many or how few paid online surveys you would like to take.

    For example, if you took 10 surveys over the weekend that paid three dollars each then you would make $30 that weekend. If you made this a regular practice taking 10 surveys every single weekend at that same payout then you could expect to earn around $120 per month.

    7 Free Websites for $50 Surveys

    These are the websites that you want to bookmark.

    To make the most money with online survey taking I recommend that you join multiple survey sites so you can make the most money possible. All of these are legit and 100% free to join.

    Many of them also have a referral program so you can share them with your friends and family to get a nice referral kickback when you share this opportunity with others.

    You’ll find a mix of different surveys on these sites. Some pay $50 per survey or more and some pay a little less than that. It won’t be difficult to find the surveys that are of interest to you. Let’s dive in!

    1. Respondent

    Respondent offers paid online panels.

    An online panel is like a longer form of an online survey. They take place online and you’ll be interviewed either in an individual or group setting over the phone or on the web.

    They also have diary studies which means that you will work independently and make a diary of your thoughts and experiences based on the study requirements.

    You will find survey offers that range from $20-$400 or more each.

    Panels do take longer than surveys. At a minimum they can expect to take around 15 minutes. On the high end of that you can expect to spend 90 minutes or longer for one of the more high-paying surveys. Or they may require you a minimum amount spent on the survey daily for a longer period of time like 30 minutes daily for seven days or three weeks, etc.

    Click here to join Respondent.

    2. User Interviews

    Get paid $50 per survey with User Interviews!

    User Interviews is just like Respondent. So this company also offers online panels. The pay rate and time commitment is about the same. It’s just an alternative to the survey company above. I have participated in both companies and I recommend both.

    Click here to join User Interviews.

    3. Survey Voices

    Survey Voices is one of the higher paying survey sites. You can earn up to $800 per week with these surveys, according to the site.

    Work from home, take surveys when you want and get paid.

    They offer paid surveys, clinical trials, and more.

    Click here to join Survey Voices.

    4. Vindale Research

    Vindale helps you get paid $50 per survey and once you join their site, they even offer a $1 bonus upon registration on the spot!

    You will like this survey site because they always have offers available.

    You can login daily or several times a day and complete as many survey offers as you like. They usually have around $30-$40 worth of offers when I login.

    Imagine if you completed $30 in survey offers three times a week. That would earn you nearly $100 a week working from home getting paid for your personal opinion!

    Click here to join Vindale.

    5. Survey Savvy

    Survey Savvy was one of the first survey companies that I ever joined.

    I have gone through their site for years and they have a lot of cool ways to earn $50 per survey or more. Once you join the survey site, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in their higher paying surveys that pay up to $80 or more.

    They also have a program called Savvy Connect where you can earn money passively every year through their app on your phone. So you can also choose to participate in that too if you would like!

    Click here to join Survey Savvy.

    6. Survey Junkie

    Survey Junkie is a real favorite of mine. And I’m sure that you’ll love the survey company too. You will love that this survey company is one of the most reliable on the list and you can snag survey offers up to $50.

    Click here to join Survey Junkie.

    7. Mindswarms

    Mindswarms does video surveys. This company is a little different from the others on the list. It’s really fun to participate and super easy to join.

    You’re going to want to download the Mindswarms app and then you can apply to surveys as they are available. Surveys usually start at around $50 and go up from there. My Mindswarms survey that I did only took me about five minutes to do.

    I walked around my house and videoed myself in my kitchen talking about my blender.

    During surveys you’ll get a series of questions that you’ll be asked during your video survey. You can keep re-recording yourself until you find the video clip that you like the best that you would like to submit for the study. After you register, when you set up your profile you will be asked to video video yourself so be prepared for that. This is just a short clip that’ll be part of your profile and it’s no big deal but I just wanted to give you heads up.

    Click this link to head to Mindswarms.

    Wrap up on finding $50 surveys online

    There you go, seven websites where you can find $50 surveys to make money online. Here are even more paid online survey sites you can explore! Comment below and let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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  • 5 Clever Hacks How to Score Free Starbucks

    In this article we are going to take a look at some real life hacks to help you get a free Starbucks drink. If your eyes pop out of your head reading this then you are a total Starbucks fangirl just like me!

    I was introduced to Starbucks pretty young I think, at least for thinking about drinking coffee.
    free Starbucks

    And that was around age 18. 

    I had a good friend and co-worker who was a few years older than me and she introduced me to coffee. I started with frappuccinos and sweet iced coffee drinks and within a few months I was drinking hot coffee lightly sweetened with cream and Splenda semi-regularly. 

    There’s something about coffee and there’s something special about Starbucks coffee. 

    It feels like such an indulgent treat to grab a Starbucks though there’s one thing I don’t like and I’m sure you don’t either, is that Starbucks is expensive!

    Around the time of the pandemic in 2020, I was heading to Starbucks at least three or four times a week just to keep my sanity. Being quarantined in the house was a lot. 

    It felt overwhelming and with the entire city shut down and the only places open being restaurants in drive-thrus, Starbucks became a weekly ritual that I really look forward to. 

    I’m sure my waistline wasn’t happy with that although I did try to stick to lower calorie hot coffee drinks rather than the calorie-laden frappuccinos and other high-calorie Starbucks drinks.

    Think about how much money you spend on Starbucks. 

    If your regular order is around $4 and you do it three times a month then you spend nearly $150 per year on coffee!

    But let’s be honest.

    Who only goes to Starbuck three times a month? It’s really lmore like three times a week. 

    Am I right?

    And then if you add drinks or treats for your family like your partner or your kids then the bill can really add up. Now, sadly my 8-year old is hooked on Starbucks lemonades and any time I go for myself, he always wants to tag along and my once $5 tab has now ballooned to nearly $20 every time I hit Starbucks. 

    Whether you can relate or not, I know that you’ll appreciate this article where I’m going to share seven awesome genius ways to get a free Starbucks drink. Keep reading. 

    How to get a free Starbucks drink

    free Starbucks

    1. Starbucks Birthday

    You may not know this but when your birthday rolls around once a year there are actually a ton of birthday freebies that you can get.

    I’ve gotten free Jersey Mike’s Subs, free ice cream, free coffee, free breakfast and a whole bunch of other cool freebies. 

    There are actually people that just drive around to all the places that offer free birthday goodies and stock up. And I don’t blame them, to be honest. Well Starbucks is one of those places where you can get free Starbucks on your birthday.

    How it works?

    In order for this to work you do have to make sure that you’re part of the Starbucks rewards program. The rewards program is free to join and all you have to do is be a member of the rewards program and have made at least one star-earning transaction within 7 days of your birthday. 

    Then, you get a free birthday treat!

    I recommend you install the Starbucks app your phone. It really makes the rewards program easy to access and you’ll get a notification when your birthday rolls around that you have a freebie on your account.

    Read more about this free Starbucks birthday hack.

    2. Free Starbucks Gift Cards

    free Starbucks Drink

    Next, you can get free Starbucks gift cards through a couple different websites. These websites pay you in free gift cards in exchange for your honest opinion. 

    In addition to taking paid online surveys for Starbucks gift cards, you can also earn free Starbucks gift cards when you play games, watch videos, browse the internet and perform other tasks from the comfort of home.

    These are the sites you’ll want to check out.

    All three sites are free to join and they offer a variety of rewards in exchange for your time from free Starbucks gift cards to free gift cards from other popular retailers like Amazon, Sephora and others. Some of the sites even pay you cash!

    Click the links above to join the site. To earn it the most in free service gift cards, I recommend that you join all three to give you the greatest amount of money to spend on the free gift cards.

    3. Starbucks Free Refills

    free Starbucks drink

    A lot of people don’t know this but yes Starbucks does offer free refills! 

    If you use your Starbucks rewards card or the mobile app you can get free brewed coffee refills. This isn’t allowed on all drinks however but, you can get free refills on hot or iced coffee including cold brew, and hot tea or iced tea.

    So no free refills on your chocolate chip frap, sadly.

    Another caveat is that this is for in-store enjoying only. That means if you leave the Starbucks store and try to come back for a refill, you won’t qualify. And this isn’t available in the Drive-Thru either.

    It’s really great if you like meeting with your friends at Starbucks or if you work out of a Starbucks. You could order one of the qualifying drinks and get free refills all day long. What a bonus!

    Go Get Your Free Starbucks

    There you go! I hope you enjoyed reading about these easy and clever ways to support free Starbucks. Have you ever tried one of these Starbucks hacks before? Comment below and let me know 

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  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review : Is it Really Worth It?

    I’m going to share this Pinterest traffic Avalanche review where I’ll dive deep and go over exactly what you want to know about this course.

    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

    The worst thing that can happen is investing in an online course and not getting what you expect or not getting results period. To avoid this, I wanted to review Pinterest Traffic Avalanche to share everything inside the course and give you some good insight and answer the question: is it really worth it?

    If you run a blog or business then you know traffic is super important. It’s the lifeblood of your business and if you’re not getting it then you may see your company start its journey to demise unfortunately. 

    Hate to sound gloomy but don’t worry, there is a solution to your traffic problem. It’s Pinterest!

    Pinterest is excellent for traffic. I first started using Pinterest back in 2012. 

    It was shortly after the birth of my first child and I remember sitting at my job in the nursing mothers room hearing the other moms gab about Pinterest. I forget exactly what they were  talking about but it was enough of a conversation I was listening in on to make me join Pinterest!

    So shortly after, I installed the Pinterest app to my phone and I was totally hooked!

    From finding ideas for dinner to getting inspiration for how to decorate your living room or ideas for your child’s birthday party, Pinterest has it all. It’s unlimited content for whatever you want. If you have a question then Pinterest can provide the answer. 

    And at the end of the day, while Pinterest is a social media network, it’s more of a visual search engine. So picture Google but with pictures and if you’re visual like me, then this is definitely the kind of platform that you will swoon over.

    My Pinterest journey about what led me to take a Pinterest course

    When I started my blogging journey back in 2016 I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I had heard about Pinterest for traffic and growth and I just started pinning mindlessly not really understanding how it worked or what I was doing.

    I got some results but once I started implementing the strategy of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, things really started to explode. 

    I have created a ton of different blogs. I usually hold them for the short term then sell them. It’s called website flipping and you read more about my six figure journey flipping small websites here.

    Somehow I stumbled onto this course, Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

    And, this image on their sales page caught my attention:

    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

    After a couple of days of thinking it over and really wondering if this was the right course for me I decided to give it a chance and I’m so happy that I did. 

    So that’s a little bit about my personal journey with Pinterest. Here is a look at what’s inside the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

    What’s Inside the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course?

    You will find 18 modules chalk full of tons of lessons that will teach you all about how to get into it. You get a good mix of everything from text-based and video-based lessons, links to helpful resources, bonuses and a lot more.

    Here’s what you will find:

    • Introduction to the program
    • Frequently asked questions and topics
    • Laying the foundation to Pinterest success
    • Pinterest search engine optimization
    • Creating viral content and pins
    • Pinning strategies
    • Increase reach with group boards
    • Automating your Pinterest traffic
    • Other Tools
    • Analytics and Tracking progress
    • Boost traffic with promoting pins
    • Pinterest ninja secrets
    • Other traffic platforms
    • Bonus section

    There are a few more modules I didn’t list that include info about Pinterest algorithm changes and updates plus, how to make back your money of the course.

    What I really love about the layout of the curriculum is that they really just go into full detail from A to Z. This isn’t just another beginners course. 

    There is a lot of great information for intermediate and seasoned bloggers and business professionals. There are some really helpful nuggets in there that you really won’t find elsewhere like how to conquer viral pins and how promoted pins on Pinterest work.

    I have actually taken more than one Pinterest course. And to be honest, the whole idea about taking a course about a social media network just feels silly but there are things that you can learn from the course that you just can’t learn in other places. 

    Invest in yourself and save time by going for the course. For me, time is one of my most valuable assets and rather than meandering through other places to try to find what I’m looking for, I would much rather pay just to have everything neatly packaged and presented to me for my consumption.

    Take a look at some of my growth I’ve had since taking their course:

    You will really love how transparent the course creators are. 

    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

    They show some really good information including behind-the-scenes and their actual account. 

    This gives you a great over-the-shoulder look at how things really were and it’s super refreshing. When you take the course I recommend that you go through it slowly and go through each one of the modules. 

    You will like that it’s self-paced so you can definitely skip around if you want to but at the end of the day, I recommend that you still consume every module and every piece of content on the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. It’s really helpful and each piece of the course ties into each other. 

    What I Liked about the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course

    My favorite parts of the course include many things.

    First, the content. I like that there is a lot of content. This is more than just a training that you can go through in an afternoon. 

    It’s really a deep dive into Pinterest, how it works and how to use it to your benefit to drive loads of traffic to your website. You get 18 full modules with tons of Pinterest tactics and Pinterest tips that are actionable that you can start using that same day. 

    Next, the bonuses! I love the bonuses which are a great touch and something to look forward to. I also love the opportunity to make up the price of the course by becoming an affiliate for Pinterest traffic Avalanche.  While this isn’t necessary or mandatory, it is a cool way to make back the money that you paid for enrollment.

    Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

    What I Didn’t Like about the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course

    One of the perks of joining the course is access to their student group. There are thousands of members in the group and it’s great to talk to other students and collaborate. 

    The group is a great bonus of enrolling in the course however it hasn’t been very active over the past year. There aren’t any discussions led by the admins. It’s mostly students asking questions. I feel like if the creators did participate in and lead more discussion, the level of engagement would rise.

    What Do You Need for Pinterest Traffic Avalanche?

    For the course all you’ll need is internet access and access to a device you can take the course on like a computer or cell phone or your iPad, etc. 

    Other than that you don’t need anything else. 

    Eventually you will need a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one and that’s for growing that Pinterest account which is what this course is about. 

    Pinterest accounts are 100% free. It’s a social media account so you can open one Pinterest account or multiple Pinterest accounts. They even have free business accounts that you can open for your company.

    About the Creators, Alex and Lauren

    Okay, so I first heard about Alex and Lauren from their health blog which is called Avocadu. Their story is really inspiring so you’ll want to hear it.

    While they’re business partners and friends today, they actually met on Tinder. They spent 4 years together romantically while building their business and at one point lived in the basement of their parents house.

    Their first blog failed but their second blog, Avocadu mentioned above, succeeded! And it was a hit!

    They took a leap, quit their jobs and actually started making real money. They sold everything they owned just about and then moved into Alex’s dad’s house to save money on rent.

    What a humbling experience, to say the least?

    I actually did this myself. 

    In preparation for moving to the big city to continue with college at my dream school I moved out of my apartment and back in with my parents for 6 months. During that time I saved so much money and I was able to pay down my car loan by making double and triple payments. 

    I slowly acquired things here and there for my new place in the big city and so I can totally relate to their story. 

    They made $172.82 on their site and then 7 months later reached $10,000/month!

    Since then they have lived in Nicaragua for a month, they have the freedom to travel the world, while reporting making over $120,000 in the month of September 2020, and if this sounds like a dream life for you, this can totally be your dream life!

    It starts with your business and the fuel, the traffic can come from Pinterest!

    How did my results from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche look like?

    For me Pinterest was really a hit and miss. 

    There was something that I was doing that was working and other things were not working. The things that were working were always short-lived and required a lot of time. 

    I was spinning my wheels and really unsure where things were going with Pinterest. Fast forward to today, I’m actually a professional Pinterest manager and that’s thanks in part to this course, Pinterest traffic Avalanche.

    Here’s a look at one of the accounts that I am managing:

    pinterest avalanche

    I took this account from hovering around 80,000 monthly viewers to over 2.5 million monthly viewers in about three or four months. I’ve also grown Pinterest accounts by millions of monthly visitors in 30 to 60 days and I have had other success stories too.

    And this brings up another great point. 

    In addition to learning tips, tricks and tactics for improving your Pinterest presence and growth and understanding of Pinterest, you can also take these skills and create a social media management business!

    If you love social media as much as me, especially Pinterest, this could be a cool career path you can take either part-time or full-time. 

    You can earn up to $600 per month for managing one client’s Pinterest account and if you manage a handful of accounts like four or five you make way more, near or above $3,000 per month. 

    And this is based on charging $600 per client. If you charge more or less than your income can vary a bit. 

    But how cool is that? 

    Learn these Pinterest skills and then create your own business in addition to Growing your own website.

    How long does the course take?

    You can comfortably take the course over a period of about a week. But again, it is self-paced so you can go through it as quickly or as slowly as you would like. If you had a couple hours to devote to the course every day then you could probably finish it in about two to four days.

    Will Pinterest Traffic Avalanche be the magic bullet?

    Will Pinterest Traffic Avalanche work for you? I can’t guarantee your success, but I have had remarkable results. This is kind of like cracking the code to Pinterest. You can be successful with the course if you are:

    • Fully devoted to learning and sticking with the course.
    • A blogger or thinking about starting a blog or have a website that you’re looking to drive Pinterest traffic to. This is really great for websites that have a lot of content so if your site has lots of content that you can pin then you are good. If not, this course is still great to take and as you start to build up your content you are going to get even better results.
    • Going to monetize your website and as we know, traffic is what can propel your site and help you make money online. You have to think of your website as a business whether you have a blog or another kind of site. You need traffic for it to work well and feed your audience with the content they are looking for and you can totally monetize.
    • Looking for a solution to Pinterest and you are tired of taking free courses and finding bits and pieces of content on the internet. This is the last Pinterest course that you’ll need to take. And as I mentioned you can use this course to become a paid Pinterest manager or Pinterest strategist.

    My Recommendation | Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

    So, what’s the verdict? 

    I recommend you take Pinterest Traffic Avalanche. I’ve seen a bunch of different Pinterest courses and this is one of the most comprehensive online courses that I have found. 

    You notice that I don’t promote everything on this blog and that’s because I only promote things that I stand behind and truly love. 

    And this course, Pinterest Avalanche would definitely fall into that category. 

    This course is the real thing and it works. 

    If you have the time to commit to it and you’re willing to go through the course in its entirety, you’ll love how actionable the steps are and my advice is to track your progress.

    It’s always something I love to see my starting point and my endpoint to review my growth and you can really illustrate that best with tracking. 

    So take your screenshots now, jot down your analytics and traffic numbers and check back in 30 days or 60 days for 90 days so you can see how much you have grown thanks to the course.

    I hope this Pinterest Traffic Avalanche review helps you in your purchase decision and I hope you decide to take this course. If you have any questions on what I mentioned in this review or any questions about the course, do not hesitate to contact me. 

    Click here to buy Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

    Comment below and let me know how I can help you. And feel free to say hi in the Facebook group for this course as well. See you in there! 

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  • How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2021 | Beginners Guide

    Are you curious about how to make money on Pinterest?

    How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2021

    You may have caught yourself searching for how to make money on Pinterest or how to earn money using Pinterest on Google or even Pinterest itself. Maybe you thought it would be interesting and fun to make money on the Pinterest platform since you play on it all day anyway?

    The truth is, yes you can make money on Pinterest.

    I don’t blame you if you’re a bit skeptical. Honestly a lot of stuff on the Internet has plenty a room for skepticism and it’s always good to be cautious.

    I know I have been when I started researching how to make money online.

    For me it was over 10 years ago and I was stuck in a job that I absolutely hated. I felt pretty desperate to get out of that job and at the same time I was super open to doing any type of online job that would allow me to spend more time with my new baby and get the flexibility of working out of my house.

    When I looked online it was really hard to determine what was fact and what was fiction.

    Are these gurus really making money online or are they just trying to sell me something? That hunt for online work led me to my first business running an e-commerce store that reach $30,000 per month in sales.

    During that time I became very familiar with social media including Pinterest and I was able to harness the power of Pinterest to drive traffic and getting customers for my business. Since selling that business I’ll transitioned to social media management where I help other companies also use Pinterest to grow the brand and reach customers.

    How to Make Money on Pinterest for 2021

    7 Remote Weekend Jobs to Make Money Online

    When I very first started using Pinterest, I was totally in love. I was working at my corporate job and I happened to be in the nursing mothers room when I heard the other moms and they were talking about Pinterest.

    It sounded really interesting as they were gabbing about snicker salad and DIY home decor hacks and other fun stuff so I instantly downloaded the app on my phone. I was really astounded with all the content and information on the Pinterest app.

    It was self-explanatory, creating boards and pinning pins and saving my favorite content to these boards on my account so I can come back to them later. Since then I have really been a Pinterest fanatic.

    It’s like Google but with pictures and if you’re a visual like me this is definitely going to speak to you.

    I learned about so many different things from how to budget on a cash envelope system to how to make the very best vegan ginger snap cookies, which are way better than the dairy-laden ones. I’ve also learned fun, creative and cheap life hacks to help me save time and save money plus a bunch of other stuff.

    I really could go on and on.

    Pinterest is much more than a social network. It’s a visual search engine. So people go to Pinterest in order to search for things. They have problems and they’re seeking solutions.

    Like a delicious meal to cook for dinner that’s gluten-free or birthday party inspiration for a nine year old or ways to make money as a virtual assistant, plus a lot more. Making money on a Pinterest is definitely possible for you and I’m going to share exactly how to do it.

    How much money can you make on Pinterest?

    How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2021

    The sky is the limit, literally.

    How would you feel if I told you you can make $20 or $50 per day on Pinterest?

    What if you could make $300 or $500 per day on Pinterest?

    Does that get your attention?

    This is totally possible and I’m gonna show you how you can do it. Then think about the extra money that you could be making from Pinterest.

    How would that extra cash benefit you?

    Would you use it to stash away in your savings account or buffer your checking account so you can avoid living paycheck to paycheck or maybe save for vacation or pay off some debt? Well these are all ideas for what you can do with extra money.

    Real quick, while this isn’t one of the ways I make money with Pinterest, I thought I’d share it since it’s such a simple and quick way to earn some extra cash.

    That’s with survey sites! Survey sites pay panelists and participants like you money in exchange for your honest opinion.

    There are a bunch of different ways that you can make money with paid online surveys including on an app installed on your cell phone, on the computer, by telephone interview or web interview or other ways. The most money I’ve ever made from a paid online survey has been $400 and it took me about 90 minutes to earn that money.

    So at over $100 per hour, who can really say no to this opportunity?

    Here are some of my favorite paid online survey sites that you can check out to make some extra cash. You can use these in addition to these Pinterest money-making ideas that I’m going to share with you:

    • Click here to check out Pinecone Research (one of the highest paying)
    • Click here to join Survey Savvy (I’ve made money the most consistently here)
    • Click here to head over to My Points (easy offers and quick to complete)

    The great thing about surveys is that registration is free and they are super flexible so you take surveys when you want to and you can get paid in a bunch of different ways from getting direct deposit to PayPal cash to free gift cards and a lot more.

    Easy Step-by-Step Guide: How to make money on Pinterest

    There are three different ways how to make money on Pinterest:

    • Blogging
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Social media management

    How to make money on Pinterest blogging

    The first way how to make money on Pinterest is one of my favorites and that’s through blogging.

    I first started blogging about six years ago and it has afforded me so many awesome opportunities including making six figures blogging about the things I love like travel, saving money, making money personal finance and a lot more. It’s so easy to start a blog and while it’s not free to do so, it is super cheap.

    If you have around five dollars per month in your budget every month then you can start a blog.

    Click here to check out my favorite affordable monthly hosting company for blogging at under $4 per month!

    Blogging comes with so many different benefits:

    • You get to connect with an audience
    • Write about what you want
    • Vents, so blogging is therapeutic and,
    • Make money

    Not to mention blogs can be pretty lucrative.

    Top bloggers make up to $100,000 per month including this brand new blogger who made over $800,000 in his second year blogging which was just last year!

    You might wonder how Pinterest ties into blogging?

    Well Pinterest is one of the top forms of marketing for bloggers.

    The way it works is, after you create your blog post you will need to promote it in order to get traffic to your blog and the traffic is going to be what produces revenue for you. Pinterest is awesome for traffic and it goes well with so many different kinds of blogs whether you are a food blogger or you’re blogging about travel, finance, parenting or kids or other topics.

    You do not need to be an expert to start a blog.

    Tons of bloggers consider themselves beginners with many of them not have even attended college or with any specialized experience or expertise. As long as you have basic computer skills which means that you can type and operate a computer, and internet access, then you can be a blogger.

    How I make money on Pinterest by blogging

    As a blogger you’re going to use Pinterest in order to drive target a traffic back to your website.

    Once you have visitors on your website then you can start to make money. Blogs can be monetized in a bunch of different ways including with advertisements and affiliate marketing links.

    The way ads works is, a web visitor lands on your blog and clicks and then you instantly get paid.

    Yes you read that right. Advertising income on blogs is one of the easiest and most passive forms of income that you can make from blogging. That’s because no commitment is needed from the person who was clicking the ad. They aren’t required to share their name or email address or even make a purchase.

    As long as they click the ad then you get paid. Bloggers that have 100,000 monthly viewers or more earn $3000-$7000 per month passively just from ads! Another way that you can make money blogging on Pinterest is with affiliate marketing.

    So again you funnel that Pinterest traffic from Pinterest to your blog and when visitors land on your blog post which will be filled with affiliate links, if they click and buy, you make money.

    Affiliate links are links that you promote leading to products that your audience is interested in buying. For example if you are a food blogger and you write about recipes and food then your audience is going to be interested in that kind of stuff and they may click on affiliate links which lead to food related products like kitchen appliances or restaurant vouchers, food items or accessories.

    And so this is the second way how I make money on Pinterest with a blog.

    How I make money on Pinterest With affiliate marketing

    The second way how I make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing doing what’s called a Pinterest affiliate marketing.

    This is a little different than what I mentioned up above about Pinterest and affiliate marketing in blogging.

    With Pinterest affiliate marketing you are creating pin graphics which leads directly to affiliate products. So that means you don’t have to have a website or a blog in order for this to work and make money. You do have to be an affiliate for products.

    For example, if you choose the health and wellness niche to target then you may create pin graphics to health and wellness affiliate products like yoga classes, spirituality and meditation digital courses and books, wellness related physical products and a lot more.

    Pinterest users will be interested in this kind of content depending on what niche you target and when they click your pin it’ll direct them to the sales page for the affiliate product that you referred.

    If your referral results in a sale then you earn a commission. Affiliate commissions can be paid by percentage or buy a flat rate. You can also earn affiliate commissions by the lead as well. With affiliate marketing leads, the conversion is not the sale. It can be an email address or opting into a newsletter or getting a free product mailed to them.

    These are all examples of leads in affiliate marketing can pay per lead which means it’ll be even easier for you to make money since the web visitor and Pinterest user does not have to purchase. And that’s how you make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

    It can be an email address or opting into a newsletter or getting a free product mailed to them. These are all examples of leads and affiliate marketing can paper lead which means it’ll be even easier for you to make money since the web visitor and Pinterest Cesar does not have to purchase.

    And that’s how you make money with a Pinterest affiliate marketing.

    How to find affiliate programs?

    Before you start searching for affiliate programs, I recommend that you pick a niche.

    Your niche is going to be your category that you target and it could be something like travel, food, health and wellness, money or other topics.

    Once you pick your niche then you can start to seek out and apply to affiliate programs. I would recommend finding affiliate programs to join based on products that you use and love.

    You can also join an affiliate network and pick the products that you think you’ll be the best fit for a Pinterest users based on their popularity and if it seems like a product that you may personally use yourself and enjoy.

    Here are some affiliate networks you can start your search using:

    You have way better results if you stand behind the product that you’re promoting, trust me.

    How to make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing

    After you have picked affiliate programs to join and you’re approved it’s time to start designing your affiliate pins. And these are gonna be the pin graphics that are going to show up on Pinterest.

    The easiest way to do this is with a free graphics software called Canva. Canva is really awesome. I have been using them for years now and I don’t really see myself trying another graphics software program.

    It’s super user-friendly and you will live using it. Register and create a free account then go to the Pinterest pin templates and pick a design.

    From there you can customize the template based on the product that you’re going to be promoting through Pinterest affiliate marketing.Once you have your Pinterest pin graphic finalized and save it to your computer and then you can pin it on to a Pinterest. When you pin the pin onto Pinterest you’re going to wanna create a catchy headline and write a keyword rich caption that explains what the pin is about.

    Then the last step is to add a URL as the link in Pinterest pin and this will be your affiliate link.

    And that’s how you do Pinterest affiliate marketing.

    If you want to learn more about this, comment below as I would be happy to do a video demonstration and posted here on the blog and talk more about Pinterest affiliate marketing.

    How I make money as a Pinterest social media manager

    The third way how to make money on a Pinterest is as a country social media manager.

    As a social media manager you’re going to be working with clients and you will help them to reach their goals using social media.

    Your goal could be to make more sales or reach a broader audience, increase the brand awareness, make more conversions, grow their email list or other goals that they may have.

    Whatever their goals may be, you’re going to help them get closer to them, using the power of Pinterest.

    This can be done by crafting a Pinterest strategy that will help the company increase their exposure on the platform. The tasks that you do for them as a Pinterest social media manager may vary based on the needs of your clients but some examples may be to create Pinterest pins, execute a pinning strategy, grow their fan base, and other tasks.

    This is a really fun job, especially if you enjoy social media.

    It is kind of like getting paid to play on social media and if you’re a Pinterest fan like I am then you will totally love this. You can make up to $600 per month per client so four clients could earn you $2,400 monthly.

    Your pay could change based on if you charge more or less than less than this amount. Plus there are also other opportunities to make money based on being a Pinterest social media manager like writing e-books are developing digital courses to help others that want to be a Pinterest social media manager like you plus other ideas ideas. Or venturing into managing other social media like Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.

    Next steps for how to make money on Pinterest

    Now that we’ve gone over all three ways how you can start making money on a Pinterest, here’s what to do next.

    First, identify the route that you want to take for making money on Pinterest. Craft your plan and then execute it. To take your Pinterest efforts up a notch, consider this resource which I have personally gone through, helping me go from 80,000 to 2.5 million monthly visitors in just a few months! I would love to hear how you’re doing so feel free to comment below to share which route you’re taking and if you have any questions.

    Read more

  • Starbucks Birthday Hack | Best Birthday Freebie

    Alright guys, this is what you’ve been waiting for, the Starbucks birthday hack is about how to get free Starbucks drinks. If you’re a Starbucks lover like me you’re going to definitely want to listen in on this one. There’s a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this and I have done both! Let’s get into it.

    I am a Starbucks fanatic, I have to admit it.

    Free Starbucks drinks

    In fact when the pandemic hit in 2020, I was so glued to Tik Tok, especially all the Starbucks savvy drinks and treats being touted all across the platform. I probably spent $50 a week or more just on Starbucks during this time.

    Pretty terrible if you ask me, especially from a finance blogger, no less.

    But, everyone has their vices and for me it’s got to be Starbucks coffee. Not to mention during a time when the world is drab and dreary getting through this crazy pandemic, indulging in Starbucks made me happy and I could afford it, luckily, so I did It!

    Please no judgment.

    I have a lot of favorite drinks and I usually go through drink phases.

    Lately I’ve been loving their medicine ball. The medicine ball is a combination of two teas, steamed lemonade and honey. It is super delicious and although most people order it when they’re sick, I love to order it all the time because it’s just so good.

    Before that I was enjoying the viral sensation which was the iced white chocolate mocha with pumpkin cold foam or sweet cream cold foam and caramel drizzle.

    Before that I really loved their hot chai’s which is a chai tea latte. My son gets lemonade every single time we go and although my husband is not a coffee snob like me he usually enjoys either a medicine ball or a caramel macchiato and over the holiday break he was really loving the salted caramel hot chocolate!

    Ok, enough swooning over there tasty drinks.

    The truth is, Starbucks is expensive. So much so that a lot of people have found sneaky little ways to get around paying five bucks for a drink.

    The average American actually spends over $1000 a year just on coffee.

    Pretty crazy right?

    I could not go back to indulging in Starbucks every day as it really can put a good hurting on your wallet. What if you could get free Starbucks? That could save you some money!

    There are a ton of ways to get free Starbucks, actually.

    In this article I’m gonna go over this Starbucks birthday hack which details how to get free Starbucks drinks on your birthday. And because I know you’re probably interested in this, I’m also going to dive into how to get free Starbucks drinks all your round. Here we go.

    THE Starbucks Birthday Hack for Free Starbucks

    Free Starbucks drinks

    This is so easy it’s probably gonna make you roll your eyes.

    So Starbucks has a rewards program. It’s a free app that you can install on your smart phone and the way it works is with the app, they will notify you of any upcoming sales or deals that they have like their Bogo events that are pretty popular.

    You can also place orders on the app so you don’t have to wait in line and you can just head over to Starbucks and grab your ready-made drink.

    You can buy gift cards on the app.

    You can add your debit card and credit card to the app.

    And when you use the app to pay, you earn stars which is Starbucks currency. The more stars that you have on your account then the more free Starbucks that you can get. And best of all, you can get your Starbucks birthday drink for free on your birthday!

    Here’s how it works…

    Starbucks Birthday Hack | How to Claim Your Birthday Freebie

    free Starbucks

    It’s called the Starbucks birthday reward and the way it works is on your birthday you will receive one complementary handcrafted beverage or one complementary food item or one complementary ready to drink bottled beverage.

    You can redeem your birthday reward at any participating Starbucks store.

    The only exclusions are for multi-serve food or beverage items like a tray of their cranberry bliss bars, for example.

    In order to qualify for the Starbucks birthday reward, you have to join Starbucks Rewards which is through the Starbucks app, at least seven days before your birthday, along with providing your birthday and your account information and make at least one start earning transaction before your birthday each year.

    Your birthday reward is automatically added to your account on your birthday and you get your freebie on that date only.

    To redeem your Starbucks birthday freebie, you should scan the member barcode in the Starbucks app or present your Starbucks card in order to get your birthday reward.

    Ok, so that is straight from the Starbucks website.

    In a nutshell, you want to make sure that you have the Starbucks app installed on your phone and be in enrolled in their rewards program at least seven days before your birthday plus make a Starbucks star-earning transaction.

    Now I mentioned above about earning stars through the Starbucks app. It’s really easy to do. Basically you’re going to pay with the app and you can do this one of two ways:

    • Pay with a Starbucks e-gift card on the app or,
    • Sync your debit card or credit card on the app and pay with that

    For the gift card purchases on the app, you earn two stars per one dollar that you pay and for using a synced card, you earn one star per one dollar.

    If you’re not a fan of getting a Starbucks gift card which is how you can earn the most stars, you can simply just sync your debit card and/or credit card to the app and when it’s time to pay, make sure you have the app open on your cell phone and just hand it to the barista so they can scan your synced card through the app so you can pay for your purchase.

    So that’s how you earn your Starbucks birthday reward.

    They made some changes to the Starbucks birthday program.

    Before, as long as you were enrolled in the Starbucks rewards program you could get your birthdate freebie. And then they changed it, which is when I tried to take advantage but failed and they made it that you had to enroll in the rewards program 30 days before your birthday.

    It’s nice that there’s just a seven day enrollment prior to your birthday requirement which makes it more doable for you to claim your free Starbucks.

    How I get free Starbucks all year

    There are other legit ways to get free Starbucks and save money.

    I mentioned above that a Starbucks birthday hack is great for your birthday but that there are other cool ways you can get free Starbucks and I’m going to share those with you.

    The Starbucks hacks are great for getting free Starbucks handcrafted beverages, any Starbucks drink or any Starbucks snack or bakery item or treat. Basically anything that you can buy from Starbucks you can use these hacks for which is pretty cool.

    1. Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards

    The first way to get free Starbucks drinks is with Starbucks gift cards.

    Check out Swagbucks, which is one of my favorite sites to redeem free Starbucks gift cards up to $100 in value.

    This is one of my favorite Starbucks hacks because it’s super easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything other than some of your time.

    Sign up to get a free Swagbucks account and then you can start earning free Starbucks gift cards just by doing small tasks and things that you would you anyway.

    Some of the things that you can do at Swagbucks to earn free Starbucks gift cards includes sharing your opinion, shopping online, playing video games, listening to music, watching videos and other small tasks.

    Aside from Starbucks gift cards, Swagbucks also offers other free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and others. You can check them out right here and be on your way to redeeming a free drink at Starbucks with their five dollar sign up bonus!

    Swagbucks is a legit, super well known and popular survey company. They are free to get started with and it takes just a few seconds to sign up. They paid their members out over $300 million! I’ve been a swag bucks Member for years now and I absolutely love the platform. It’s a really cool way to get free gift cards and free stuff.

    Click here to get started with Swagbucks.

    Some other favorites for free gift cards include Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars.

    2. Join Starbucks Rewards Program for Free Drinks

    free Starbucks Drink

    I mentioned up above about the Starbucks rewards program and how you need to be enrolled in it to claim your Starbucks birthday hack drink.

    Other than the Starbucks birthday program that they offer, you can get free Starbucks by earning stars when you purchase using the app. I went over the two ways that you can purchase and earn stars up above. They are both super easy and you’ll be stacking at stars faster than you know it.

    The last time I visited Starbucks a weeks back, I got three drinks totally for free because I had hundreds of stars on my Starbucks rewards program account!

    How to Join the FREE Starbucks Rewards Program

    You can sign up here to join the Starbucks rewards program for free.

    Once you sign up for registration and complete your profile I recommend that you add your debit card and/or credit card so you have them synced to the app.

    This makes it super easy to pay for all your Starbucks purchases just by showing your card and using it digitally through the app. That means you don’t even need to take your physical cards with you to Starbucks when you pay. As long as you have your cell phone with the app installed, you can flash that to the barista who will charge your card from the app.

    It’s super convenient, it means no more touching the icky, germy card reader and you don’t have to exchange dirty cash either. I mention all the dirt and germs because we are still in the heart of the pandemic and if you can go cashless and go cardless, that’s the best way.

    3. Free Starbucks Drinks thru Rewards and Points

    Another cool way to get free Starbucks gift cards is by earning rewards and points through popular programs from Survey Junkie, American Consumer Opinion and My Points.

    These survey companies are market research companies that collect consumer information to make better products for the public. This might sound all complicated but it’s really simple.

    In a nutshell, they pay you for your time in free Starbucks gift cards.

    You can also earn free gift cards to other places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sephora and other retailers that you love. Each of the sites is free to join.

    I recommend that you join them all so you can really earn the most free Starbucks drinks or free gift cards from other retailers.

    Can you tell how much my love for Starbucks is shining through here?

    4. Starbucks BOGO Specials | Buy One Get One

    Bogo is buy one get one and these events are plentiful at Starbucks. If you plan on participating in one of Starbucks Bogo events, I recommend you get there early.

    I usually don’t mind waiting but with my eight-year-old in the backseat kicking in screaming, a 45-minute wait for a free Starbucks drink feels way too long.

    And that’s how long I had to wait the last time I got my free drink from Starbucks.

    You can totally avoid the wait if you go during a reasonable time during off peak.

    So I would not go around lunchtime or during the morning rush or in the evening because that’s when most people are going to go. How to get your free Starbucks drink through their BOGO special is to make sure that you have the Starbucks app installed and keep an eye out for notifications of upcoming Bogo events.

    They usually send you a message a day or two before they’re planning on having the Bogo event so you can plan and prepare. Then on the day of Bogo you can set out to your favorite Starbucks location and grab your free Starbucks drink.

    These free Starbucks specials are totally legit and a really fun way to indulge and enjoy your favorite drink for cheap. Some of their specials are buy one get one free while others are buy one get one 50% off and other specials.

    5. Free Starbucks Events

    Keep an eye out for Starbucks events where you can get freebies from your favorite coffee chain.

    For example, at my sisters old workplace they had a Starbucks in the office building. Around the holidays when they were trying to get rid of all of their holiday mugs and holiday coffee, they often ran sales where you could buy one get one free or buy Starbucks stuff for as much is 80 to 90% off!

    Talk about a crazy good deal.

    If you look at my sisters kitchen cabinet now you’ll see that it’s filled with tons of Starbucks cups. And Starbucks cups and Starbucks mugs are super high-quality so if you invest in one you know you’re going to keep it for years.

    Be Good to the Environment and Save on Starbucks

    This last Starbucks hack is something that a lot of people don’t know.

    You can actually save $.10 on your drink if you bring your own cup. This means you can bring your own portable coffee cup to Starbucks or you can buy one of their soft cups then when you order, hand it to your barista who will fill that cup with your drink and you instantly save $.10.

    It’s a cool way to save money and while it’s not a ton of savings, you are saving the environment which is priceless.

    This works for their drip hot coffee.

    When You Get a Free Starbucks Drink You Feel Like You’re Winning

    I hope you enjoyed reading about the Starbucks birthday hack I mentioned as well as other cool ways to earn free Starbucks. For more ways on how to save money and make money, and check out some of my favorite articles below:

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