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  • Stupid Simple SEO Review | Learning SEO for Your Business

    This is the Stupid Simple SEO review and in this post you’ll learn why this is the last course or resource you will need to learn SEO. Bookmark this post if you’d like to come back to it later or save this pin below to pin to Pinterest.

    When I first started venturing into blogging I really had no idea what the heck I was doing. Honestly I had learned about SEO and I disregarded it because it just felt so complicated to me. Not to mention I really like a quick result and SEO is all about the long game so that was another reason why I showed away from it and up until now I’ve done OK in the blogging world but not great. And that’s because SEO was not in the picture.

    What made me change my mind and what have been my results up until now?

    Up until now I would say my results have been fair to good. I’m in website flipping so I typically build sites up quickly, grow them and then sell them for a profit. I use a rinse and repeat system over and over again to make money with flipping websites.

    I don’t really hold onto websites for the long term and if I did I would definitely explore SEO further and that’s actually what was the turning point for me. Website flipping is tons of fun while I still do it it is an exhausting process and it’s cool to do on the side but you can take that same effort and devoted to one site for the long term and get really incredible results.

    The time came and I was really ready to hold onto my site for the long term, beyond two or three years which is the longest I’ve had a site previously.

    So with this in mind and wanting to grow my most recent blog into a brand I sit out once again to really uncover search engine optimization. I knew tons of sites were doing it and doing it well. Even brand new sites for mastering search engine optimization I had the search engines like Google on my side I could really get some great traffic from the Internet.

    And that led me to this course stupid simple SCO. I have been eyeing itfor a really long time and something made me jump for it so I bought it and I haven’t looked back since.

    What’s in the Stupid Simple SEO review?

    We’re gonna cover:

    • What is SEO
    • Why you need SEO for your business
    • What is Stupid Simple SEO
    • What is inside the Stupid Simple SEO course
    • Our Impression of the Course and Recommendation

    Let’s get to it.

    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. I won’t bore you with a long explanation here but in a nutshell, it’s the stuff that gets your content found on Google. This is important because you want your business to get traffic from the internet.

    Internet traffic can be turned on like a light switch. And, this happens with SEO.

    You do specific things with your website in mind in order to turn this light switch on. And, when it’s on, there is very little maintenance you need to do afterward to keep it running like a well-oiled machine.

    Getting to page 1 of Google is hard. It takes some work but, it can be done and a great place to start with ranking your site is to have a proper education and know how to SEO your site. You can get this from the Stupid Simple SEO courses.

    What is it?

    How does it work?

    What’s included?

    You will learn all this and more as we keep diving into the review.

    Let’s continue.

    What is Stupid Simple SEO?

    This course teaches you about SEO. Whether you are trying to jet-power your business, website or blog with SEO juice to improve your rankings or improve your knowledge for your digital marketing business, or any other reason, this is the last course you will need for SEO.

    And, I will tell you why (keep reading).

    First, this 8-module course is massive. Don’t let this scare you away, it’s a good thing. It will take longer than a week to digest the material in this course, which is what I totally love. It’s not too short or too long. And it jam packs all the knowledge and education you need to know about SEO into a course that you can easily navigate through, start and come back to when you can, based on your schedule.

    It’s a self-paced course and here’s a look at the curriculum…

    • Welcome/Getting Started
    • Blog Analytics Dashboard
    • Phase 1: Build
    • Phase 2: Design
    • Phase 3: Create
    • Phase 4: Promote
    • BONUS
    • BONUS (part 2)

    What’s Included in the Stupid Simple SEO course?

    Here is a rough breakdown of what you can find throughout the course.

    What’s in the Welcome Section?

    You will learn about SEO. What it is? How it works? And, related important info like how to track your SEO progress, and much more. This is an introduction to the course and gives you a foundation to build on. You’ve got to know what the heck SEO is before you start to do SEO work, right? This module addresses that so you have a solid base to build knowledge onto.

    What’s in the Blog Analytics Dashboard?

    This is about the blog analytics dashboard. Can’t reveal too much about this section without giving away the course. It’s useful and helpful.

    What’s in Phase 1?

    Phase 1 is about your startup into this project of building SEO for your website. It talks about security, mobile-friendliness, relevance, Google and much more. This section is beefy with 10 lessons to get you set up. You will learn about SEO-friendly design and setup of your site and much more.

    What’s in Phase 2?

    Phase 2 is 19 lessons long and covers design.

    You will learn a lot about competitor research, how to spy on your competitors, keyword research, organization and more.

    What’s in Phase 3?

    This is about creating, in phase 3.

    You will find 10+ lessons about research and outlining, auditing your content, and more. This is probably one of the largest modules in the course so you will get a lot of great value and information from phase 3.

    What’s in Phase 4?

    Phase 4 is about promotion. You will learn about backlinking, competitor backlinks, the importance of links and link building, etc.

    What’s in the BONUS section?

    Seven bonuses that complement the course, designed to help you:

    • Find competitors
    • Rank and track your rankings
    • Land guest post links
    • And, much more!

    What’s in the BONUS-2 section?

    The final bonus section is dedicated to sponsorships. I won’t say much more about this section as to not give away the course.

    What’s the Stupid Simple SEO price?

    This SEO course is full of awesome knowledge, info, and education to help you boost your rankings on Google and SEO your entire site. People, myself included are loving the course. The creator, Mike has had over 2,000 students go through the course. And, students are getting results, myself included!

    I ranked on page 1 of Google, position 3 for a competitive keyword, as a tiny DA 10 site above DA 40+ sites! This course has definitely help attribute to that.

    The price is a total bargain if you ask me. There’s usually a payment plan accompanying the price, in case you want to spread payments over a period of time rather than doing a payment all at once. Then, there is a way you can pay all at once. Your choice!

    With the strategies learned, you will be able to take Stupid Simple SEO and apply it to your current website project.

    Getting Started with Stupid Simple SEO?

    The Stupid Simple Seo login is accessible through Teachable. Teachable is a platform that hosts digital courses for course creators. You can check out all my courses on  Teachable to take a look.

    Is the Stupid Simple Seo course download available instantly? Yes! Once you pay for the course or enter in to the payment plan, you will have instant access to the course. Again, it is self-paced, which I totally love, so you can take it at your own speed. You can also hop around from section to section or go in order, your choice.

    Final Thoughts and Recommendation on Stupid Simple SEO

    I recommend you check out the course. It’s one of the better courses I have taken and I have first hand knowledge that the course works. I’ve gone through the curriculum, learned the strategies and tactics, implementing them into my own blog and seeing results.

    Grab your copy (or sign up to the waitlist) of Stupid Simple SEO.

    Explosive Traffic Results In the Mean Time

    If you want to grow your traffic in the interim while waiting for SEO to kick in, have you looked into Pinterest? This resource helped me go from 80,000 to 2.5 million monthly visitors fast. Some of my blog posts have grown by 11,000+%.

    The changes you can put into play with Pinterest give you instant results. It’s turning on the traffic switch. Having a mix of SEO and Pinterest is what top bloggers do. To learn more, click here. Comment below for any questions!

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  • OMAD Diet Weight Loss Tips

    These OMAD diet weight loss tips are going to help you move the needle. If you’re on OMAD, you know this lifestyle change is flexible and can be burdensome at the same time. It’s a form of intermittent fasting that lets you feast on whatever you want in your eating window, while fasting for the majority remainder of the day. In this article, we’re going to cover:

    • Why OMAD works for people?
    • 7 Tips for OMAD Diet weight los

    Let’s kick things off. Before we do, don’t forget to bookmark this post or pin to Pinterest to come back and reread later.

    woman OMAD weight loss tips

    Why OMAD?

    OMAD stands for One Meal a Day. It’s a way of eating that changes your entire lifestyle. For many of us, our life revolves around food. We structure our life around the meals we eat, whether it’s work, leisure time, family time, etc. Food should NOT have that much control over your life. And many of us feel stuck, that it has to be that way forever, or at least until we hit our goal weight.

    OMAD crushes this way of thinking and forces you to really adopt a new lifestyle which can help you lose weight, eat what you want, and improve your health through the benefits of weight loss.

    ‘You can also lose a lot of weight quickly, like 20lbs in 30 days!

    Is OMAD hard?

    What if I can’t do OMAD?

    OMAD can be tough in the beginning. Like all lifestyle changes, transition can be difficult but, once you get past that initial hurdle, it becomes a lot easier. You get used to it, your body adjusts, and you’re just fine.

    When it really comes down to it, think about your end goal. Visualize success and keep going. If you stop and restart, this can be the beginning to a vicious cycle of on again off again dieting. Avoid this. You just have to buckle down and get through the transition once and you’re golden.

    What if you can’t do OMAD? Unless there’s a restriction because of your health and background (remember to check with your physician before starting any lifestyle change or change in diet), you can do OMAD.

    You just have to try.

    Here are 7 tips to help aid in your weight loss journey with the OMAD Diet…

    7 OMAD Weight Loss Tips

    1. Eat What You Want

    This does not mean go crazy. But, if you want a piece of chocolate, go for it. Some people calorie count on OMAD. You can totally do that. You’re going to have less calories with eating just one meal a day, anyway. Can you really gorge down 3,000 calories in one meal? Your stomach is going to kind of “shrink” when you go to OMAD. You’re kind of retraining your body to eat this kind of way.

    Don’t make it hard on yourself by trying to cut everything off. Remember, if you want something, have it, but again, don’t go nuts.

    2. Pick Your Favorite Time to Eat

    I’ve heard of OMAD dieters eating at midnight or 1am, others eat 9am or noon or 3pm. Pick the perfect time to feast that’s good for you. It really doesn’t matter what time it is.

    3. Meal Prep

    This doesn’t have to be a formal meal prep venture you take on. Just plan what you’re eating for the week. When you go grocery shopping, make a list, plan your menu for the week, make your meals all at once (this is called batching) or throughout the week, your choice. And, make sure you have food ready when it’s time to feast.

    My hubby does this with his job, especially now that he’s working from home. While he is not doing OMAD, he knows that his day goes a lot more smoothly if he has food ready. So, the night before his work day, he takes an inventory of the fridge to make sure he has snacks and a lunch he can whip up quickly or ready-prepared. Try this with OMAD.

    4. Do OMAD with a Friend

    When you embark on a new life change or diet, it’s helpful to do it with others, if you can. This is me, 100%. It’s so much easier to diet when my husband is doing it with me, or my sister, etc.

    Try to find a diet buddy friend who can do OMAD or another lifestyle change/diet with you at the same time, so the two of you can use one another for support.

    You can also look at joining a diet bet club like Healthy Wage. Along with joining the Healthy Wage Facebook group. Healthy Wage lets you bet on your weight loss. There are members that got paid $4,000 for losing 100lbs or $2,500 for losing 60lbs or 30lbs. The amount of weight you need to lose and your bet amount will determine how much you win if you meet your weight loss goal.

    There’s an incredible amount of community in doing diet betting. There are others that are gonna do it with you. Not necessarily OMAD, but you’ll have others you can connect with and can identify with what you’re going through and provide support.

    Learn more about Healthy Wage here.

    5. Get Moving

    Exercise is not a part of OMAD and it’s not required to lose weight. Abs are made in the kitchen, after all. But, exercise does contribute to a healthier lifestyle and aids in prevention against diseases, etc.

    If you’re unfit, start small. Go for an evening walk for 15 minutes. Over time your body will strengthen, you’ll be able to walk longer, you’ll crave your nightly walk soon after. You may be prompted to explore other kinds of exercise.

    Join a gym. Use your community gym (our HOA offers a small gym for the community). Invest in exercise equipment. Do free or paid workout videos at home. Get a jump rope. Walk your dog. Walk in the neighborhood. Go swimming.

    There are a ton of ways to get moving, as you can see.

    Again, this may not have a big impact on your OMAD weight loss, but it will make you feel better, help you become stronger and you’ll be burning calories at the end of the day, which is great.

    6. Journal

    I used to hear so much about journaling for years. Especially for dieting. I always blew it off. But, the truth is, I love writing things down. I do it for this blog, when I’m jotting down ideas and keywords for blog posts. I do it for other projects I’m working on.

    Why not do it for OMAD?

    It’s super simple. Get a notebook (small or large, your choice) or you can do this digitally using the Notepad app in your cell phone or tablet. Write down what you eat and when you eat. You can even go a step further and write down how you feel and changes you want to make, etc.

    This helps you vent. You can look back on what you wrote and identify trigger foods associated with how you feel, mood, behavior, etc.

    It’s really interesting and it can become very enjoyable. Give it a try.

    7. Join Groups

    I talked about community and support above. It’s helpful if you have a friend doing OMAD or a diet or lifestyle change alongside you. Groups, like subreddits or Facebook groups are awesome to find a ton of people that are doing EXACTLY what you are doing. There are a ton of intermittent fasting and OMAD groups on Facebook. They are free to join and give you a chance to make friends, ask questions, answer questions, get motivated, learn what others are doing for success and more. Try this!

    Wrapping up these OMAD Weight Loss Tips

    There you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading.

    For more on OMAD or IF, check out how to lose 20lbs in 30 days on the OMAD diet.

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  • Get Paid to Sext | Pay Per Sext

    Get paid to sext. This is the first side hustle in our 15 days of side hustles series on Millennial Nextdoor. This interesting side hustle I just learned about recently. You get paid to sext and be a chat model. This company actually pays you per sext. If you’re open to trying new things and this one doesn’t put you off, take a look.

    Get Paid to Sext

    The company is called Arousr.

    Straight from their site…

    ”Arousr is looking for Chat Hosts! If you’re already spending time texting or chatting and flirting online this could be a great opportunity and get paid for it instead.

    We do not have a fixed schedule but you need to login at least once a month or the account will be considered inactive and closed automatically.

    As an Arousr Chat Host, YOU are in control. You choose whom you talk to and you control the conversation in total discretion and safety. You set the price for your content.

    Payments are made weekly via Direct Deposit or Bank Wire.Check the rates.





    How it Works?

    This one is so interesting to me. I’ve been seeing more and more risqué type side hustles and this one definitely takes the cake. But I don’t judge and I found this one interesting enough to share with you guys so keep reading.

    Getting paid to sext is all about making money chatting online.

    A lot of people do you this side hustle and it’s becoming more and more excepted. Just like getting paid to sell feet pics which you may have been hearing more about. Or making money setting up an Only Fans account.

    Essentially it’s like a racer kind of chatting.

    A lot of people partake in this activity to blow off steam or to get some much-needed attention that they may be lacking in their personal life. At the core you are helping people although it may not feel like it and you’re getting paid to do it. People that shine in this kind of cake or those who are open, even shy and introverted people can do well working in sexting industry.

    How to get started

    You apply to become a model.

    They pay for:
    • Text calls
    • Voice calls
    • Video calls
    • Content sales (like selling photos)

    Get paid to sext | How do they pay?

    you will enjoy weekly payments via direct deposit, Transferwise or wire. The minimum payment threshold is $100.

    Get paid to sext | What’s required?

    • Pictures of yourself (the website calls it sexy photos)
    • Mobile phone
    • Stable internet connection
    • Bank account, to get paid
    • A creative, imaginative mind

    Final Thoughts on Getting Paid to Sext

    Check out Arousr to learn more.

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