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  • 5 Ways to Make Extra Money When You’re Strapped for Cash

    5 Ways to Make Extra Money When You're Strapped for CashLooking for ways to make extra money when you’re strapped for cash?

    The best way to make extra money is through taking surveys.

    You can maximize your earnings through survey-taking is by taking surveys from multiple survey companies.

    Think about it.

    If you’re earning $200/month with one survey company, you could split your efforts across 3 survey companies instead and make $600/month.

    This is just an example.

    Consumer opinion is very valuable and companies are willing to pay people to learn about their lifestyle, wants, needs, and gain insight to what they find important and what determines their decision to purchase.

    I remember going on a grocery shopping trip a few years ago and getting stopped to do a taste test for milk.

    Unfortunately although it wasn’t a terrible experience, I do regret it.

    It took far longer than I thought and by the time I was done, I felt so grossed out by milk that I had to inhale the free goody bag they gave me, at the register while I was paying for my groceries.

    As I was heading toward the register with my shopping cart, I was stopped and asked if I would do the taste test.

    I had noticed the sampler a few minutes prior asking people to participate and person after person declining.

    So, in an extra-generous mood, I felt like being helpful and I decided to participate.

    It took about 10-15 minutes of tasting milk, answering a survey about my thoughts, taste, etc. 

    Then trying another brand.

    Then comparing the two brands and on an on.

    In all, I tried about 6-7 brands of milk.

    That was my experience.

    It just goes to show that it can be very difficult to get consumers to participate in surveys without some type of reward behind it.

    It’s a major driving factor and companies know this so they team up with market research companies.

    Here are some survey companies you might be interested in:


    Swagbucks offers many different ways to make money online that are fun and rewarding, like:

    • Playing games
    • Taking surveys
    • Online shopping
    • Watching videos
    • And, more!

    You will never get bored with Swagbucks.

    They work on a points-based system, where you can redeem for rewards like gift cards to major retailers like Amazon.

    First, you’ll like that they offer a $10 bonus for joining!

    Then, they have a great referral program where you can earn 10% of your friends’ earnings.

    Each time you complete an activity you earn points.

    They stack up in your account and then you can redeem for rewards.

    Examples of rewards include:

    • Walmart gift cards
    • Amazon gift cards
    • Starbucks gift cards
    • And, more!

    Learn more about Swagbucks.


    Lifepoints is another Frugal for Less favorite survey company that offers a smartphone app to pay consumers for their opinion.

    What is Lifepoints?

    Lifepoints is one of the largest market research companies in the world, paying out over $20 million dollar to their members.

    How it works?

    It’s a simple 2-step process.

    First, take surveys.

    Then, get rewarded.

    When you join Lifepoints, you’ll earn 10 Lifepoints just for joining!

    Joining is free and once you do, you’ll be able to get started taking surveys.

    Is Lifepoints panel legit?

    Based on our full review and participant reviews, we have determined that Lifepoints is legit.

    They are a well known market research company and many members have publicly reported that they have been paid.

    How much are Lifepoints worth?

    Each survey offer is different and you can earn around 35 to 350 Lifepoints per survey completed.

    25 Lifepoints equals $1.

    How much can you make on Lifepoints?

    The amount you can earn on LIfepoints will vary based on many factors like survey availability and your time.

    You will not earn a full-time income on Lifepoints, just like you won’t make a full time living taking surveys but you can earn some extra money for saving, paying off debt or to enjoy a more fruitful lifestyle.

    Lifepoints Pros

    • User-friendly app
    • There are usually lots of surveys and tasks available
    • There’s potential to cash out within a few weeks of joining
    • Unique,fun and rewarding survey offers
    • Average survey time 10 minutes or less
    • The surveys take an average of 10 minutes or less.
    • Multiple ways to redeem your points
    • Unique ways to help you earn more by boosting earnings
    • If screened out, you’ll automatically entered into sweepstakes 

    Lifepoints Cons

    • Being screened out of a survey can happen
    • Occasional app crashes/freezes, as reported on the app

    Check out more on Lifepoints

    Prize Rebel

    With Prize Rebel you can join in just seconds, complete paid online surveys and redeem for cash and gift cards to places like PayPal, Amazon, and Walmart.

    Quick facts about Prizel Rebel:

    • Over 10 million members
    • $20 million redeemed since 2007
    • 504 gift cards to choose from
    • $771 in paid online survey right now!

    Check out some of the reviews:  

    “Thank You Prize Rebel. I have been a member for a few months and this is my 5th reward I received. I love getting rewarded for taking the time to do surveys and other things. It takes time but it is worth it. I love this site. Thanks again.”

    “Whoa, I was so excited when I checked my mail today! My $50 Visa gift card got here so quickly! Thanks so much, Prize Rebel! You guys made my day! :)”

    “Thank you PrizeRebel for my $10 Walmart gift card,you guys are awesome. All I did was log in and answer surveys that easy,in no time I accumulated enough points to redeem this gift card. My gift card came really fast in the mail. Thank you PrizeRebel.”

    Sign up to Prize Rebel here.

    Survey Junkie

    People are big fans of Survey Junkie because they are known to be one of the higher paying survey companies.

    What is Survey Junkie?

    This survey company pays you to take online surveys.

    The survey offers you complete are anonymous and are very useful to help companies learn about consumer behavior.

    Pros of Survey Junkie

    • Free to join
    • Points can be exchanged for both cash to PayPal and for gift cards
    • Your information will be used to help companies improve their products
    • Your answers are kept anonymous
    • Potential for high earnings 
    • Registration bonus for joining

    Cons of Survey Junkie

    • The payout can be low, based of multiple factors
    • You are not eligible for all surveys
    • Minimum balance of $10 needed for Payout
    • Only users from the United States, Canada and Australia can participate 

    How much can you make with Survey Junkie?

    With Survey Junkie 100 points equals $1.

    The amount you earn can be determined by many factors like your profile, location, eligibility and other factors.

    We’ve found that you can earn between $5 to $12 per hour taking surveys with Survey Junkie.

    You can earn close to the higher end of that range if you stick to taking the higher paying surveys only.

    Click here to read more about Survey Junkie.

    Vindale Research

    Vindale Research is a free survey site where you can earn money per survey completed. You get a $1 signup bonus for joining and once you create your profile, you’ll have access to a host of surveys and you can take an unlimited number of surveys daily.

    Every day I login, I see up to $30 in daily offers in my dashboard. Can you imagine how much you can make from this one survey site?

    $30 x 5 days/week = $150/week (or $600/month)

    How It Works?

    First, take paid surveys.

    These surveys are going to be based on you.

    Your profile that you filled out when you signed up will help match you with the right survey based on your demographics and background.

    You’ll enjoy access to hundreds of surveys.

    Get access to some of the highest paid surveys in the industry and get the flexibility to complete your surveys on any device.

    That means you can use your computer, smartphone or tablet to take your surveys, making it super convenient for you.

    Once you successfully complete your surveys, you’ll earn instantly.

    The earnings are applied to your Vindale account and you can redeem via PayPal.

    You’ll love that you earn real money for completing surveys.

    This hassle-free way of getting paid eliminates the guesswork that can come with working with a survey company based on points.

    Vindale has paid out over $7 million dollars to their members.

    Surveys will be on a variety of lifestyle topics like:

    • Cars & trucks
    • Politics 
    • Health & beauty
    • Technology
    • Travel
    • Leisure
    • And, more!

    Check out our full review on Vindale Research and click here to head straight to the site to get started.

    And there you go!

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  • Where to Buy Cloth Face Masks

    Looking for places where to buy cloth face masks? There is a shortage of masks around the world but your area is requiring residents to wear masks or you want to wear a face mask for peace of mind. But, where the heck do you find them? The U.S. blocked export out of China and there’s even a shortage of medical grade masks for medical professionals.

    Sure, you can find a YouTube video and make your own mask but, if you’re as crafty as me, you’ll make it halfway through your Walmart grocery store visit just to have it unravel as you’re driving your shopping cart around the store.

    There are a few retailers that are offering masks but not for less than an arm and a leg. I’m less concerned about making a fashion statement and more concerned with building a small stock of a few masks that I can have on hand for me and my family. Cloth masks that are washable and don’t break the bank.

    Where are they?

    I’ve had a hard time finding them on even Ebay or Amazon which is pretty scary but, I have found them (cloth face masks) at Kitchenori. They have a 3-pack of face masks for about $20 (while supplies last) and they also have these face wrap gaiters that cover and protect your neck, which I really love.

    If you’re tired of scrounging for supplies at home or looking online for masks that just don’t exist without a high price, you’ll love these masks at Kitchenori. I just bought 3 for my family and we absolutely love them. Super buttery soft, slides right on your face and great fit.

    If you get one, comment below and let me know what you think! And, if you know of other retailers that offer masks at a decent price, please share your resource down below, too. We’d really appreciate it!

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  • How to Sanitize Your Groceries

    Living in a pandemic makes you question the cleanliness of everything. Are you sanitizing your groceries? You should be. Your stuff can be touched by many people in the stores, from other customers to grocery workers, suppliers and more people.

    Here is how you can sanitize your groceries when you bring them in your home, from a doctor…

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