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  • Convertkit Review: Is it Really Worth it for Your Business?

    In this Convertkit review, I’m going to uncover it all. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Convertkit, pros and cons, features and benefits and finally answering the question if it truly is worth it for your business.

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    Email marketing is super important and crucial for businesses of all sizes.

    If you haven’t started email marketing yet, my best advice to you, is to start now!

    Start now, start before you think you need it, start from zero, yes, but your list will grow and bring you tons of business and customers and be the best thing for your brand, watch!

    When implemented properly, email marketing can become the most important resource if your business toolkit, singlehandedly responsible for helping you create relationships, win the business, and make sales.

    According to Capterra, the average return on $1 spent on email marketing is $44.25!

    Can you imagine?

    So, if you spend $100/month on email marketing, your return is 44.25X that!


    This is super important to highlight and a chief reason why you should invest in an awesome email marketing software solution for your business.

    ConvertKit Review | Is it Really Worth It?

    ConvertKit is a powerful email marketing software that helps you send emails to your audience.

    Visit the website

    It’s essential because it can help send messages to large groups of people (your audience groups) at once.

    Like, if you want to announce a sale to your 20,000 customers or share your latest blog post with your 100K monthly viewers or tell a personal story relating to your business and audience to your 4,000 sized email list.

    Email marketing software can help you do that!

    It also helps you automate your business through a variety of activities like distributing email courses, executing sales funnels, and so much more. It’s all about working smarter and not working harder, right?

    Email marketing software helps you do that!

    And, if you’ve ever signed up to an email list, there’s a good chance that you signed up to that brand through email marketing software.

    It’s a business-must-have!

    Today, email marketing automation is in the forefront of business and has become more and more important.

    It cannot be ignored and it’s a crucial piece of achieving success and reaching your goals in business.

    For a long time, the email marketing software standard was Infusionsoft. People have used Aweber and Sendresponse and other providers.

    Let me tell you, I have tried them all.

    They can be quite complex and overwhelming, making you not even want to start in the first place.

    Convertkit stands apart from the crowd and they have helped me achieve six figure business growth with my brand.

    I really don’t see myself with any other email service provider.

    No other compares to the price and value that you get (more on this below).

    You’ll read in this review that ConvertKit has emerged as one of the most popular, highly respected and well loved email marketing software solutions for businesses without the high price tag.

    ConvertKit logo

    Here’s what I will be covering inside this ConvertKit review.

    I’m also offering an incredible bonus, my Traffic ebook ($25 value) for free to people who use my affiliate link to sign up to ConvertKit! Just contact me after you’ve purchased using my link and I’ll send the ebook your way!t.

    Before getting into it, I wanna talk a bit about blogging!

    Do you have a blog? It’s a really amazing way to make income semi-passively. It can even become your full-time job!

    My first blog made me $20,000 in the first year!

    Vent, express yourself, educate others, blogging can be all this and more. And, email marketing is a great complement to blogging.

    Heres a quick tutorial on how to start your very own profitable blog in 20 minutes!

    How to Start a Profitable Blog

    You’re ready to start your blog, yay! You are going to LOVE blogging.

    I’ve been doing it for about 5+ year and it has completely changed my life.

    Benefits of blogging

    Your blog can be a place to…

    • Educate
    • Share
    • Vent
    • Share your passions
    • Be an online journal

    • Work independently
    • Make Money Online
    • Freedom
    • No micromanagement
    • Be the boss
    • Flexible schedule
    • And, more!

    Starting a blog is SO MUCH EASIER than you might be thinking.

    Using the tools and resources we share in this article (like WordPress and Siteground), you’ll be able to create your hub for creativity, helping you earn up to thousands of dollars (or more) every month doing something that you love!

    Here’s our easy guide on how to start a profitable blog in just 20 minutes:

    Step 1: Pick a Niche

    The best way to choose what you will blog about is starting with your interests and passions. Think about how you spend your day, what you do for a living, hobbies you do after work or on weekends, etc.

    Some examples include:

    • Baking
    • Food and nutrition
    • Fitness
    • Travel
    • Knitting
    • Homeschooling

    You can even pick a very specific niche like raw vegan or parenting a special needs child, etc.

    From here, it’s time to build your blog (the fun stuff)!

    Step 2: Building Your Blog

    Start by thinking of a name for your blog. You can make this simple, a play on words, your name, really anything you’d like.

    Once you decide on your blog name, move onto the next step, your blogging platform, WordPress.

    You may see that there are a ton of platforms available for blogging but WordPress is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

    It’s great for all blogging levels, user easy to navigate and our top recommendation. Plus, it’s free! Can’t go wrong with free.

    Head to Siteground (Siteground partners with WordPress) and pick your hosting plan.

    start a blog in just 20 minutes

    We recommend the Grow Big plan. And, you can change plans in the future, no problem so don’t feel stuck in your choice you make today.

    Why Siteground?

    They are incredible. I’ve had dozens of blogs and many different hosts and Siteground is by far the best. I like them better than Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost and others. I’ve tried all these guys too.

    Siteground shocked me with their stellar support. They are super knowledgeable, friendly and have uber-fast response times. I like that I can chat with support conveniently from my computer or cell phone and get all my questions answered.

    They have a streamlined dashboard that lets me manage my hosting plan, email accounts, and even my affiliate account!

    Plus, all this and more…

    YOU will LOVE SITEGROUND! Click this link to learn more about them and sign up.

    Go through the steps for setup, apply WordPress and you got yourself a blog!

    Step 3: Design and Theme

    In this step you get to apply a pretty theme to your blog.

    You can go with one of WordPress’s many themes or you can pick a premium theme from a provider like Studiopress.

    Studiopress is known for Genesis Framework which is THE framework for helping you get your blog tons of traffic and helping you make money faster than other themes. They have integrated, built-in tools with the theme that help you with virtually every aspect of SEO on your blog.SEO is search engine optimization and it’s the stuff that helps your website get found on Google and other search engines.

    Studiopress themes have built-in SEO tools to help you with that so it’s hands off for you, as the blog owner.

    Pick a StudioPress theme if you go the Premium route, then apply it in WordPress.

    Head to Appearance>Themes>Add New

    Step 4: Add Content

    In this step it’s about adding content.

    This is where you can let your personality shine and start writing blog posts about whatever your heart fancys. 

    Don’t forget to add your Navigation menu and other critical pages for your blog like About and Contact.

    The About page tells the reader all about you. Get detailed here and talk about yoruself. Share why you started blogging, what your goal is for the blog and anything else you’d like your audience to know about you.

    The Contact Page is a way for readers to reach out to you if they need to ask questions, etc. You can use the Contact 7 Plugin for this page, which is an easy contact form, or feel free to use the contact page/plugin that comes with your theme.

    Final Thoughts

    You just created your blog! How do you feel?

    Make sure to bookmark Millennial Nextdoor as we will be sharing more helpful info to help you with blogging and navigating your blogging journey.


    Head to our Contact page and drop us a line! Or comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Happy blogging!

    Convertkit Review | What is ConvertKit?

    ConvertKit is an email marketing software service provider that aims to help small businesses like bloggers, small business brands, podcasters, etc. to build their audience using the power of email marketing.

    You may have heard of the creator, Nathan Barry, who is the genius behind ConvertKit. You can read about how we took ConvertKit from scratch to $30K per month and you’ll love how transparent he is about the entire process.

    Today, he’s reached over $1 million in recurring monthly revenue.

    If you like reading this sort of stuff like I do, you’ll appreciate reading about his journey including all the highs and lows, struggles and successes he had with building up ConvertKit.

    What are some of my favorite features of ConvertKit?

    Favorite Feature #1: Seamless Visual Automation Editor

    If you are a visual learner like me, you’ll really appreciate this.

    ConvertKit’s visual automation edition makes it a pleasure to learn how it all works and appears using seamless, streamlined visuals.This is a stand out feature that other email marketing providers don’t offer.

    They make editing a breeze.

    The visual editor helps you see each step in the process so if you’re stuck or get mixed up in one of the steps, you can visually see what’s going on, separating out each of the steps to figure out the root of the problem.

    You will find that much of ConvertKit is built this way, including their email forms, which makes it easy for you to get to know their software intimately super fast and easy.

    ConvertKit automations inline editing


    Favorite Feature #2: Share Your Visual Automations with others

    This is one of the newest features of ConvertKit, allowing you to share visual automations with others.

    This is super helpful for sharing among teams like your staff, peers, people who you network with, etc.

    Sharing is caring, right?

    It is super cool. You click to toggle the button to enable sharing publicly and then you’ll get a url that you can share with anyone. They will use that url to load the visual automation into their account.


    It is also really cool to have the feature for incentivizing your own products, like creating a sales funnel you can use as a lead magnet or bonus to your online course, etc.

    Favorite Feature #3: Email Segmentation

    Segmenting your audience is a great way to deliver specific messages to certain customer groups.

    For example, if you are selling an online course, you might have groups of consumers that bought the course, others that added to cart, others that looked at the sales page but didn’t act, others that asked you a question but didn’t act, others that attended the webinar but didn’t buy, etc.

    With this info, you can craft specific messages for each consumer group, relevant to them.

    Because sending a Congratulations email to a customer who bought isn’t going to make sense to a customer who didn’t buy, and vice versa.

    ConvertKit allows email segmentation super easy.

    And there are a ton of ways to do it, like using tags.

    With tags, you can actually tag groups of customers into a group which helps you organize your entire email list and email campaigns.

    This way if you send out an email to customers who haven’t bought the course, you won’t send to customer who did purchase, because they will be tagged “purchased customers” or something similar.

    The great news is, you control this entire process so you can choose how you want to segment, how tags will be used, etc.

    Favorite Feature #3: Automatically resend broadcasts to those who didn’t open

    How cool, right?

    So, say you have a 20% open rate for your emails. Once your broadcast is delivered, you can go back and resent to the 80% of your list that did not open. And, you can automate this process!

    This can help you go back and target those folks a second time.

    You can find this in the stats page, Resend to Unopens.

    It even allows you to change your Subject Line!

    What I don’t like about ConvertKit

    #1: No email templates email templates.

    What’s an email template, you may ask?

    It’s a premade format that can be applied to emails.

    Other platforms like Kajabi have them, and they can help you for various kinds of emails you send out, like a sale template, an announcement template, etc.

    A lot of people don’t use templates so if you’re one of these people, then you won’t sweat this.

    I have been a ConvertKit customer for so long, it’s honestly no big deal to me and I don’t think it’s caused any hindrance or slowdown in my business, to be honest.

    I don’t personally send out email newsletter type emails, so this is not that big a deal to me.

     #2: Limited A/B Testing

    A/B testing is a really important feature to utilize for any email service provider you’re with. Doing this A/B testing on a regular basis helps you to improve your rates, for conversion, open rates, etc.

    While ConvertKit allows you to split test your subject lines, there isn’t split testing for email body content, automations and other things. This is lacking and one of the things I don’t like about ConvertKit.

    #3: Not a Ton of Variety with Custom Forms

    The forms available are professional and attractive. They are classic, clean and have gotten me some great results but they are limiting. Compared to others, like Clickfunnels, for example, I wish that there were more template options. For some parts, you can’t change the font or color, etc. (for some not all) and this flexibility is what I’d like ConvertKit to improve upon.

    But if you use something like Thrive leads or a third party tool, there are ways to get around the lack of customization.

    An Inside Look at ConvertKit

    ConvertKit has 5 major components:

    • Forms
    • Subscribers
    • Broadcasts
    • Sequences
    • Automations

    Let’s review each, shall we?


    Forms are the email forms that you use to get subscribers to your ConvertKit account. With ConvertKit there are forms and landing pages so you’ll enjoy getting a mix of both options.

    Forms can be embedded in different places, like within your blog posts, as popups on your website, etc. Then, landing pages are their own dedicated page. Now, ConvertKit offers a ton of gorgeous landing page templates to really customize the subscribers experience. Take a look.



    There are 4 kinds of forms: inline, modal, slide in, and sticky bar

    convertkit review


    So, you can pick a form or landing page, design it and then have it available to embed where you’d like!


    Subscribers is the section of ConvertKit that houses are all email subscribers. It’s your singular database where you have your users.

    You can group subscribers together using segments and tags. You can also group by a custom identifier, by location, etc. There is a ton of flexibility with ConvertKit, you’ll love it.

    ConvertKit also lets you really explore each individual subscriber to see things like what emails you sent them, how they responded, what funnels or sequences they are on, etc.


    Broadcasts are next and they’re basically an archive of all the one-time emails you have sent. In Broadcasts, you can click into each email you sent, look at the clickthru rates, open rates, see which texts got the most clicks, and more.

    When sending broadcasts, you can use your list segments like tags, forms, etc. to decide what portion of your email list gets that email.

    For example, if you’re hosting a sale on a digital product, you can send to all subscribers who have not purchased the digital product already.

    Make sense?


    Sequences are where you can create autoresponders, which are a series of emails that get sent to your subscribers on a schedule.

    For example, you can deliver a free email course over 10 days using a sequence.

    Email 1 sends immediately after subscribe.

    Email 2 sends 1 day after.

    Email 3 sends 2 days after.

    Then, so on and so forth.

    It’s a really neat feature that lets you automate content that you want to drip to your subscribers.



    To tie everything together, there are automations and your subscriber can enter an automation in a few different ways, through getting tagged, having a custom field updated, from a form or from a purchase.

    The automations are super easy to use and understand. They are lightning fast and help you seamlessly edit forms and emails with ease.

    ConvertKit Pricing

    ConvertKit’s uses the same tiered pricing model as a lot of their competitors. This means the more subscribers you have, the more you’ll pay. I really love this model because it helps beginners with the service get in at an affordable price and as you grow with the platform and earn more subscribers, you are charged more but, your business will likely be more developed too, to help offset the additional cost.

    For the value, ConvertKit pricing comes at the lower end of it’s competitors. It’s not the cheapest email marketing service but it’s more affordable than mid-range and definitely not the most expensive.

    A really great fit for small businesses, in my opinion.

    Prices below are for monthly prices but if you do annual payments, you can save my getting 2 months free!

    All the Other Stuff You Wanna Know About ConvertKit

    How is their support?

    ConvertKit’s support is great, from personal experience. You can reach out using their Chat feature and about half the time I have gotten a response within a few minutes. If they don’t reply immediately, they usually respond pretty quickly, within 1-2 days and you will be notified via email when you get an answer to your question. So, fast response, very friendly and professional.

    Email response time is pretty quick, in my opinion.

    Do they have a presence or community on Facebook?

    Yes, they do! You can join their Facebook group to join other ConvertKit users, who are very active, asking questions, sharing successes, and more! They are a very lively bunch. You’ll love it. It is also a neat forum to learn tips and tricks, ask questions to ConvertKit or fellow group members.

    What integrations do they offer?

    ConvertKit integrates with a ton of third-party applications like LeadPages, Shopify, SamCart, ClickFunnels, and more.

    You can find the full list of ConvertKit integrations here.

    How good is ConvertKit for lead magnets?

    ConvertKit is awesome for lead magnets. Lead magnets are freebies that you offer to your audience to entice them to optin as an email subscriber in exchange for that free item. And, ConvertKit is terrific for these.

    They can host your lead magnets for you, get you double opt-in subscribers, and more!N

    How good is ConvertKit for eCommerce?

    ConvertKit is really good for ecommerce. They are constantly testing and launching new features, including a brand new one that helps to track every purchase made by a subscriber.

    This is really neat because you can get subscribers based on their purchases.

    It’s working with Shopify and Teachable currently but they’re making great strides and there will likely be more growth on the ecommerce side with additional integrations soon.

    Can it handle live events or webinars?

    Live events or webinars are handled through broadcasts.

    With a broadcast you can send you emails at a specific date/time to notify people of webinar start times but aside from that, it isn’t fully integrated to handled webinars or live events.

    Do they have an affiliate program?

    Yes, ConvertKit offers 30% recurring commissions as part of its affiliate program. If you love ConvertKit and become an affiliate, it’s a neat way for you to earn recurring affiliate income.

    Who’s switching over to ConvertKit?


    It’s growing at a crazy rate and more and more folks are switching to ConvertKit.

    Check out some of these stories:


    ConvertKit has only been around a few years but they are one of the most robust, powerful user-friendly email marketing software programs out there.

    They are a major player in the industry and paving the way for new email marketing in the future.

    Email marketing is great for targeting customers, making more money, increasing traffic, connecting with customers and other benefits. They make marketing to customers via email truly accessible even for the novice user. You don’t need to be a techie to quickly learn the ins and outs of ConvertKit.

    Try ConvertKit Today

    ConvertKit Bonus

    Are you ready to sign up for a ConvertKit account?

    Why not get some extra help to start your ConvertKit journey with this exclusive bonus ($25 value):

    The Newbies Guide to Traffic Generation

    Claim your bonus by Contact Me after Purchasing ConvertKit with my Affiliate Link!

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  • How to Coupon (the right way) to Get the Most Savings

    How to Coupon (the right way) to Get the Most SavingsIf you’re like me then you might want to use coupons but aren’t quite sure how to use them and you sure don’t have time to make couponing a full time job. Come on, admit it. You watch the Extreme Couponing shows and think the same thing! Although, I am sure you look on with envy when the couponers hit the register and spend 3 cents on a $1,897.00 order.

    While not saving money at the grocery store is just not an option neither is spending 8 hours a day cutting coupons. So what do you do? Create your own system of course!

    Before I dive in, I’ve got to share these best apps for saving money on groceries and shopping, in general:

    • Rakuten: This is for online shopping and in-person shopping. Signup to the site for free (use this link to get a $10 bonus) then use their portal to do your online shopping. For example, if you need to buy a few pairs of jeans from Old Navy, go to Rakuten then find Old Navy and click the link, which takes you to the Old Navy site. Do your shopping as normal and earn cash back! The cash back is applied to your Rakuten account and you can get it via PayPal. Plus, you can refer friends/family and earn $25 for every person you refer. It’s like getting paid to shop. Try this. Click here to head to Rakuten to learn more.
    • Ibotta: This app lets you scan your grocery receipts to get cash back. Its a fun way to make money for grocery shopping, hehe. Check them out here.

    Here are a few ideas to get you started:

    Subscribe to a newspaper in multiples

    Yes, in order to save money, you will have to spend some. But here’s a trick- local papers typically run a promotion on their subscriptions one or two times a year. (Think Groupon, Living Social, etc.) Get the Sunday paper deal in multiples. I recommend getting 3 or 4 so you can have a LITTLE stockpile when the product goes on sale.  Don’t go crazy sales cycle every 8 weeks and I promise that you won’t use 15 bottles of ketchup in 8 weeks. Just think one sale cycle at a time.

    Cut Coupons But Only Of Items Your Actually Use

    It’s a novel idea, I know. But seriously, have you ever wondered just what the extreme couponer is going to do with 50 packets of soy powder? Well, so do they.  Don’t waste your time cutting out coupons on items you wouldn’t normally use if it wasn’t on sale. Truth is, money spent on items you don’t use is money wasted, not money saved. Save yourself the hassle and the trouble and just cut coupons on products you already use.

    Hint: If you truly want to save money, you can’t have brand loyalty. Mayonnaise is mayonnaise is mayonnaise. So, seriously, skip the mock loyalty and throw whatever is on sale in that cart. You will thank yourself later.

    Organize Your Coupons in an Easy File System

    Use a dollar store accordion-style folder and sandwich baggies. Label each baggie with a permanent marker by item, i.e. toilet paper, soda, cheese, bread, etc. and then place the baggie in the corresponding file slot for that letter.

    Review Your Store’s Weekly Ad Flyer! Match Your Coupons

    Stores typically send out their flyers in the Sunday paper. If not, they’re all over the internet. Review the sales ad for anything you might need in the next 8 weeks that is currently on sale (think staple pantry items) or, that is a good deal or that you simply need to feed your family that week. Make a list as you go. Then go through your file folder, pull any matching coupons and … go shopping.

    Saving money with coupons doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to spend hours on clipping, matching, numerous stores, and coupon clubs. You CAN save money with a limited time investment.

    Read more

  • How to Get One Month Ahead of Your Bills in Less Than 30 Days

    How to Get One Month Ahead of Your Bills in Less Than 30 Days

    Your bills are never ending but did you know you can get one month ahead of your bills? They feel like they’re endless and unless you are an extreme minimalist providing your own power and leading a self-sufficient lifestyle, you’re guaranteed to have to pay bills every month.

    So, the majority of us have to pay bills. It’s a given. We know that. Paying bills is a part of life but that doesn’t stop it from feeling very stressful, especially if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    A solution we found is to get one month ahead of your bills.

    Imagine feeling peace of mind knowing that you’re actually ahead of your bills and to be honest, the process is super easy and it can open doors to helping you live a financially independent life.

    Once you accomplish getting one month ahead of your bills, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your savings goals and building wealth.

    Doing this can help you accomplish things like paying off your car in 6 months or less, saving for your child’s education, and growing your nest egg in a rapid-fire kind of way.

    If this all sounds interesting, keep reading while we uncover how you can get one month ahead of your bills in less than 30 days.

    Don’t forget to bookmark this post that you can come back to it later.

    When is the right time to get ahead of your bills?

    The right time to get ahead of your bills is now! The sooner you start this plan, the faster you’ll be one step closer to reaching financial freedom.

    Regardless of what your goals are, retirement, saving, paying off debt, we know that if any unexpected scenario were to arise it could totally throw a dent in your financial picture.

    That’s why getting ahead of your bills is a great idea and something that everyone should do, in our opinion.

    For example, last summer my husband needed multiple emergency root canals that set us back a few thousand dollars! 

    And then a few months later he got into a car wreck when she was able to walk away from uninjured, so we’re super thankful for that, but the cost of the car insurance deductible, deposits for rental car, and other costs we’re unexpected and these two events can happen to anybody at any time.

    These are examples of unexpected expenses that can arise in your life and when they do, you want to make sure that you’re financially prepared.

    How to get one month ahead of your bills in less than 30 days

    Okay, so here is the plan.

    First, it starts with a strong budget.

    You need to make sure that you have a budget and place that works for you and your family.

    Don’t let anything or anyone influence how you budget create a budgeting strategy that works for your family whether that means including 2 fast food trips during the month or Starbucks runs or a monthly movie theater family night.

    Everyone’s lifestyle is different and having a budget does not mean that you have to sacrifice your life in every way (at least not forever).

    With that said, we are talking about getting one month ahead of bills here so some sacrifice and cutting back will need to happen because the focus to make this work is going to be to minimize your expenses and save, save, save!

    In order to  get one month ahead of your bills, you need to have an entire month’s worth of expenses saved up.

    Start by calculating all those expenses including rent, utilities, credit card payments, student loans, food cost, gas, etc.

    Doing this will help you live off last month’s income rather than living today and you’ll be able to achieve financial freedom.

    With your budget in place and knowing how much cash you need to save create a goal for yourself to put that money towards a savings fund that will cover an entire month’s worth of bills.

    Once you reach this goal and you have savings you can resume with your long-term savings goals.

    How to Get Cash In Savings Fast

    Here are some tips on how to get extra cash in the next 30 days:

    1. Create a family no spend month
    2. Monetize your hobbies
    3. Declutter your home and sell off your extras

    Pay close attention to these 3 things and think about ways you can make them work in your household and you’ll start to quickly see the opportunity to build your monthly ahead savings.

    Other things that you can do to create quick cash fast?

    Consider getting a side hustle.

    This doesn’t have to be long-term, you can do this just for couple short weeks or a few months for the purpose of building up your savings and there are a ton of different hustles that you can do that are flexible and work around your current schedule.

    Some even allow you to work from home.

    Check out this article on the 8 best side hustles of 2020 to give you some inspiration.

    What are my favorites?

    You can make up to $500 a month with survey taking.

    Getting paid to take surveys is super easy, you don’t need any text skills, experience, or special skills to do this and you can work from your home computer or cell phone taking surveys 24/7.

    You won’t be able to make a full-time income with this but you can earn a part-time income earning up to around $500 a month or more.

    The key to making the most money with survey taking is to join multiple survey sites.  

    Joining service sites is free and you’ll be able to have a clear picture of how much each survey pays, how much time is required to complete the survey, and more.   They will pay you via direct deposit, PayPal, check, gift cards, rewards, and in other ways.

    Our top 3 survey companies we recommend are:

    • Swagbucks ($10 bonus to join): Multifaceted site with many different ways to make money including watching videos, taking surveys, and more.
    • Inbox Dollars ($5 bonus to join): Take surveys using their app right from your cell phone | for Android | for Apple Iphone
    • Pinecone Research (highest paying): Take surveys online super easy. Higher paying survey company.

    Final Thoughts

    So, there you have it!

    Our plan to help you get one month ahead of your bills and less than 30 days. You see it is a lot simpler than you might have thought. If you’re serious about doing this, we recommend that you start now. 

    What do you think? Share your thoughts down below in comments.

    Recommended Reading

    Recommended Resources to Increase Your Income and Save Money

    Credit Firm

    Credit is something that you definitely need in life.
    It affords most people the ability to buy house and buy a car as well as finance other large expenses and sometimes even unexpected costs that can arise.
    Even if you have no plans to make a large purchase in the near future it’s still a great idea to make sure your credit is in check. There are so many little things that can impact your credit and often times you may be unaware Of these things impacting your credit score.
    A high credit score of forts you a low interest-rate and a low payment where as a low credit score can mean the exact opposite and sometimes not even qualifying for that purchase you’re looking to make.
    So with a choice of paying more or paying less, of course you want to pay less in to do that you want to make sure that you have the best credit score possible.
    So take a look at Credit firm, which is a company that can help you review and improve your credit. It’s really great to have experts on your side and to take away the overwhelm and stress of trying to manage your credit on your own.


    If you’re in a pickle and looking to make a few hundred dollars extra this month, look at online panels. I’ve done multiple panels, earning $100+ for each one. They are free to join and pay anywhere from $40 to $400+.
    The most I’ve earned has been $400 on a single panel. It’s like taking a survey but you’ll be doing it interview-style, talking to the researcher on the phone, via email or online.


    Did you know that you can save money on your online shopping? It’s like getting paid to shop. All you do is install the free cashback browser extension from Rakuten and you’ll get a popup when you land on a partner retail website. Click “Activate” to activate your cashback and after checkout, it will be applied to your Rakuten account. I earned around $28 very quickly after joining.
    It’s not part-time income kind of money but it is extra money that you can get absolutely free, for doing what you’re doing anyway, online shopping.


    Considering investing? Not sure where to start?
    Acorns helps you invest your spare change on autopilot.  They round up your purchases and invest the difference for you. It’s fully automated investing, right at your fingertips. Take control, grow your money and more. This is one of my favorite investment companies.


    Looking for an online bank? Today, there are so many available, it’s tough to pick one.
    I joined Chime within the last 6 months and I absolutely love them!
    They send me daily balance notifications, alert me when a charge is declined, they have savings accounts and much more. I love their overdraft protection feature and it’s easier than ever to transfer money to friends and family. Their apps is one of the most streamlined, easy-to-use online banking apps I’ve encountered.
    I found them through a discussion in a Facebook group I was spying on. It was a business group and the discussion was about how the girls in the group used Chime for their business banking for their sole proprietorship and it’s helped them separate business and personal expenses.
    It’s a great use for that and also perfect for your personal banking.

    Read more

  • 21 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going to Sell out This February

    21 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going to Sell out This February

    21 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going to Sell out This February

    We dig these gadgets and we think you will too.

    Technology is advancing at an amazing rate. The speed at which technological innovation and advancement is occurring is incredible. Innovative products range from cool toys and tools to health devices and problem-solving gadgets.

    We’ve put together some of the most trending products that are going to sell out in 2019.

    We also listed great prices and discounts, so scroll down and enjoy!

    Here’s a list of the best 21 we’ve found.

    1. PhotoStick – Instantly Back Up All Your Videos & Photos

    Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you’ve lost some of your photos and videos?

    Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you’re missing precious photos and videos? That’s why this neat gadget called the PhotoStick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide.

    But don’t just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers (think the baby boomer crowd).

    With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected… It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free!

    It’s a small thumb drive that you plug into your Mac or PC.

    You just open the program and click ‘GO’ and it’ll automatically find all your photos and videos and back them up to the PhotoStick.

    That’s how simple it is.

    Learn More About The PhotoStick ➡️


    You have requested and we’ve listened.

    1 in 3 smartphone users will lose ALL of their photos and videos from water damage alone!

    We all take photos and videos of those special moments on our smartphones so we can cherish them forever, however, one wrong move and they could be gone!

    If your smartphone gets lost, stolen, or damaged, could you handle the gut-wrenching feeling of losing all those memories?

    ThePhotoStick Mobile solves ALL of that with ONE click!

    There is now a PhotoStick available for Smartphones! Both for Android and iOS.

    Just plug it in and hit “Backup Now” and all your memories are protected!

    Learn More About PhotoStick Mobile 📲

    2. Live Antenna – Grab Free TV (Legally!)

    Did you know that now its possible to watch HDTV LEGALLY for FREE?

    With this fantastic Live Wave Antenna™ you can now watch most top programs for free and NEVER pay for a subscription.

    News, sport events, and your favorite shows can now be at your fingertips without any additional costs – no subscription, no monthly fees, and 100% legal!

    Live Wave Antenna™ is built using military-grade technology, which makes it one of the most reliable antennas on the market.

    It’s capable of reaching 100+ channels within a 30-mile range. And it’s super simple to use. Just plug it in into ANY TV, and within 10 seconds you’ll be watching your favorite channels.

    Here’s how Live Wave Antenna™ lets you watch tv for free… Television operators don’t tell you a little secret. Along with the conventional signal they provide, they must also offer a per radio signal – the law requires them to.

    This antenna takes advantage of this per radio signal and allows you to watch TV for free, 100% legally.

    Learn More About Live Wave Antenna™

    3. Stay Connected In Any Corner of Your Home

    Imagine getting home after an 8-hour shift and you’ve been looking forward to your favorite time of the day. Post-work bathroom break in the comforts of your home.

    Just you, your phone, and the internet. Nothing is more annoying when you’re finally comfortable on your porcelain throne and the WiFi doesn’t quite reach your upstairs bathroom.

    First world problems? Maybe.

    With the Super Boost™ Wifi, you can make sure your home is covered from corner to corner.

    Don’t let this simple problem get in the way if your ‘Me-time’. You’ll thank me later.

    Learn More About Super Boost™ Wifi

    4. Circa Charge – Fix Your Phone’s Battery Life

    This awesome device protects your phone’s life with an alternative form of power: wireless charging. Everyone’s phone starts to slow down after a while.

    They charge super slow and the battery drains way too fast. The Apple Geniuses and Samsung employees will tell you it’s time to buy a new phone… But there’s a better way.

    Circa Charge is a super thin charging device that attaches to the back of your phone (it’s so thin you can still fit a case over it), turning any phone into a wireless charging capable tech dream.

    It stops wear and tear on the plugs and charging components in your phone and most phones see a massive increase in battery life, data streaming, and overall performance.

    Learn More About Circa Charge ➡️

    5. Mind Insole – The All Day Foot Massage That Relieves Back Pain

    How would you like to receive a free foot massage with every step you take?

    That is now entirely possible with Mind Insole™, and much more!

    These fantastic insoles are designed not just to relieve foot fatigue and cure achy feet, but actually to heal your body from the inside out.

    Mind Insole™ combines ancient wisdom with the latest technology to massage critical areas of your feet which promote health, improve blood circulation, relieve back pain, lower stress, and naturally boost endurance. Each insole makes use of 400 acupoints that were scientifically designed to massage critical areas of your feet.

    Besides, the insoles use 5 cooling magnets that help balance your body.

    Learn More About Mind Insoles️

    6. Mobile Screen Cast – Wirelessly Stream Content from Your Phone to TV

    This unique device took 2018 by surprise. Mobile Screen Cast has disrupted the paid Cable TV industry and soon threatens to take over completely.

    I mean, what’s the point of paying for cable and getting tens of channels you don’t care about when you can view for FREE only what you’re interested in?

    Using cutting-edge MirrorProjection technology, this super cool gadget allows you to mirror all audio & video from your smartphone to your TV, computer or laptop.

    And that’s not all – it’s possibilities are endless. You can stream a presentation straight from your phone onto a big screen at your office, or browse the internet on the big screen without having to squint!

    It’s super easy to carry around and fits in the palm of your hand. And what’s more, it’s the type of device that is so easy to use that anyone can get started with it.

    All you have to do is plug it into any TV screen using an HDMI cable.

    Then you just pair it with your mobile, and you can send any video, photos, music, or movie on the big screen straight away!

    A better option than Apple TV, Google ChromeCast and others!

    Learn More About Mobile Screen Cast

    7. Doc Socks – The Must-Have For Foot Pain Relief

    As we age, achy feet become a more and more common problem.

    Sometimes we may avoid much-needed exercise or walking, just because our feet hurt too much and start swelling.

    This poor circulation combined with lack of movement makes things even harder for our hearts. It puts our health on a downward spiral.

    But thankfully, in 2018 a leading Podiatrist developed Doc Socks™ – specially designed compression socks that promote circulation, reduce swelling and pain, prevent plantar fasciitis and help you take your health back.

    The improved blood flow to the feet makes it easier for the heart to pump blood, allowing you to feel more energized.

    And what’s most important, as your feet start feeling better, you’ll finally feel like exercising, and you won’t put it off anymore.

    That’s why DocSocks™ is one of the best gifts you can give yourself or a loved one!

    Learn More About Doc Socks

    8. SkyCam Selfie Drone – The Drone That Fits In Your Pocket

    We couldn’t leave the amazing SkyCam™ HD Wifi Drone off our list. You’ve probably seen ads for it all over the Internet, and for good reason.

    The SkyCam HD Selfie Drone uses WIFI to connect to your phone so you can have a real-time view of what your drone sees, making it easy to take photos and record videos.

    The drone camera is also adjustable so you can take great shots of different heights.

    It flies, takes photos, records videos and even lets you explore the environment around you. It has a refined appearance and fits in the palm of your hand.

    There is also no need for an extra memory card as the SkyCam SelfieDrone saves all photos and videos directly to your phone!

    Learn More About SkyCam™ HD Wifi Drone

    9. XY Find It – Locate Lost Items With Your Smartphone

    Let’s face it, as our people get older, they seem to misplace things more often. But when you attach this coin-size tracking device to an item and lose the item, you have a 20,000-times chance of getting it back. The accompanying app enlists the network of 20,000 XY™ Find It users to locate your lost bag, bike or dog.

    You can also track your lost wallet (or whatever) yourself.

    The XY™ Find It app displays how far you are from your keys or purse you dropped, and it will sound the alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location.

    If you realize you left your bag in another location, all other XY™ Find It users in the network are notified, and when one passes your missing article, you’ll get an update sent to your phone.

    What if you can’t find your phone?

    Use XY™ Find It to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone fast. XY™ Find It helps you keep your stuff…especially if you’re a chronic (keys/wallet/bike/car/bag) misplacer.

    Learn More About XY™ Find It

    10. LadyCare

    This device is the perfect gift for women who are entering the golden age. LadyCare is a small, discreet, and lightweight device that securely clips to your underwear using powerful magnets.

    It targets the root cause of menopause using Static Magnetic Therapy to help re-balance your Autonomic Nervous System. I know, I know… It sounds like a lot of made up claims that you wouldn’t expect to work, we were skeptical too.

    But they actually have Clinical Studies to back up their results.

    In a rigorous clinical study, LadyCare was proven to safely relieve over 20 menopause symptoms (including hot flashes, fatigue, and night sweats!)

    It’s the ONLY non-invasive menopause solution that over 500,000 women are already using – WITHOUT side effects.

    Learn More About LadyCare ➡️

    11. FIXD – Save $1000s on Car Repairs

    FIXD is a revolutionary device that instantly diagnoses 7000+ potential issues with your vehicle in real-time. It works with just about any car built after 1996, and it’s super easy to use. Just plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port, sync with your phone, and it will do the rest all by itself.

    FIXD puts power back with the car owner. You can now quickly see the severity of car problems and see precisely why the “Check engine light” is on, all in simple to understand terms straight on your smartphone. And the best thing is that mechanics can no longer abuse your lack of car maintenance knowledge. FIXD also gives you oil change and maintenance reminders – so caring for your car has never been easier!

    Knowing what’s wrong with your car will help you save $1000s in expensive & unnecessary repairs. Shady car mechanics will no longer be able to trick you or overcharge you anymore. FIXD is like having a car mechanic in your pocket – one that doesn’t rip you off!

    488 Discover More About FIXD ➡️

    12. Xtra PC – Speed Up Your Old Computer With This

    If you’re tired of waiting on a slow Windows PC or Mac, then you can try this impressive Xtra-PC USB drive. This extra cool gadget contains a BLAZING FAST operating system built on Linux that can bypass your old, slow operating system when inserted in your computer’s USB port. All you have to do is restart your PC, boot into USB, and you’re set – no technical skills required!

    The new operating system maintains the familiar structure of your old one and gives you access to all the files you previously had. Not to mention that it comes with your favorite programs which allow you to browse the web, send & receive emails, listen to music & watch your favorite videos and more!

    With Xtra-PC you can do everything you did before, except that on a super fast computer. No wonder that hundreds of thousands have started using Xtra-PC in 2018 to boost their productivity. With Xtra-PC, you feel like you have an entirely new PC at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention that Xtra-PC works even with faulty or missing hard drives, and gives you the opportunity to recover files you thought you had lost forever after a crash. It’s like having your own data recovery team in your pocket.

    488 Find Out More About Xtra-PC ➡️

    13. KeySmart

    Main image

    Do you have one of those bulky, noisy, messy & painful keychains? If so, then you definitely want to look into KeySmart which allows you to hold all your keys, including your car key fob and many more all in one elegant device! It is the SMART way to store your keys for easy access.

    There is a reason why this gadget sold over 2 million units. It lets you attach all your keys in less than 60 seconds, regardless of their size and shape. With it, you can easily find the key you need, it makes no ridiculous jingly noises, and it’s smaller than a pack of gum, weighing just 0.3oz. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go – in your jeans, in your wallet – anywhere!

    And what’s best about this keychain is that it doesn’t just hold your keys. You can customize it to hold whatever other accessories you need to make your life easier including a 16 GB USB thumb drive, a bottle opener, a nano light, a pocket clip and a quick disconnect link.

    Learn More About KeySmart ➡️

    14. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner

    Main image

    Do you wear glasses? If you do, chances are that one of the most annoying things you have to do is clean your glasses repeatedly. And it might seem that the more you rub them with clothes and sprays, the more facial oils smear around and disrupt your vision.

    But it doesn’t have to be like this. Peeps was developed to solve precisely this problem. Utilizing the latest glass cleaning technology (also used by NASA to clean glass in space!), Peeps can give you a crystal clear vision – so clear you won’t even feel like you’re wearing glasses anymore! Peeps uses a unique carbon-cleaning solution that works on all eyeglasses: reading glasses, designer glasses, and even sunglasses. Not to mention that Peeps is so small – you can easily take it with you anywhere.

    Peeps also makes a great gift for anyone who is wearing glasses. The gift of a super cool gadget which is actually useful and makes life easier is always highly appreciated!

    488 Learn More About Peeps ➡️

    15. Vivian Lou (High Heels Made Comfortable!)

    Main image

    If you’re a woman, you know just how uncomfortable spending a night in high heels can be. Sure, they make your legs look great and add a boost of confidence in your stride, but for many it’s just not worth the pain. But just maybe you don’t have to give up those expensive Jimmy Choos just yet… There’s a new genius product called Vivian Lou that women are now using to turn their high heels into comfortable walking shoes. With over 1,657 5 Star Reviews this product is no joke and actually works! If you’re a guy then maybe this is the perfect gift to give your significant other (she’ll love you for it, we promise). If you’re a woman who wants to be able to wear high heels in comfort, try Vivian Lou now!

    16. FlexSafe – Bag

    Main image

    When you’re at the beach or pool and you wanna go swimming, do you slyly put your wallet or phone in a shoe, bag, or under your towel? Hoping that nobody saw your slick move? Well now there’s a perfect solution to keep your belongings safe.

    It’s called FlexSafe… and it’s a state of the art anti-theft portable safe. It’s totally changing the way people safeguard their valuables WHEREVER they are! Place your valuables inside FlexSafe. Zip it up. Lock it to a fence, bike, shopping cart, chair, stroller, pole, anything you can wrap it around and you’re done! Total peace-of-mind WITHOUT the need to keep one eye on your stuff.

    Learn More About FlexSafe


    Read more

  • How to Make Money Spying on Your Blog Competitors

    Did you know you can finally monetize your blog and make money blogging by spying on your blog competitors?

    This is a little tactic that top bloggers have been doing for years.

    It’s so simple and totally free to do.

    Here’s what you need to get started:

    • Internet access
    • Access to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device to browse online

    Make sure to bookmark this post or pin for later (pin right below) so you can come back to this later if you need to.

    spying on your competitors make money blogging

    Ok, here we go!

    How to Make Money Spying on Your Blog Competitors

    First of all, this little strategy helps you monetize your blog with blog sponorships.

    Blog sponsorships or brand deals or brand collaborations or blog collaborations (all the same thing) are when you get paid to work with a company/brand.

    They pay you to mention them on your platform:

    • Blog
    • Social media
    • Email list

    So, it’s a cool way to get paid to blog.

    Top bloggers can earn up to six figures per year or more, partnering with brands in blog sponsorships.

    What are Blog Sponsorships?

    You, as the blogger, will partner with a company/brand/product to feature them on your platform.

    Here are some examples:

    • Sponsored post
    • Sponsored giveaway
    • Social media mention
    • Email list inclusion
    • Social media syndication
    • Sidebar ad

    First, you coordinate the sponsorships with the brand.

    Then, you get paid.

    Then, you launch the collaboration.

    It’s a pretty easy process but it can feel difficult and overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    Here’s a hack to help you find blog sponsors fast and easy.

    Blogging Hack to Spy on the Competition

    You go to your top competitors that do blog sponsorships and you see who those sponsors are.

    Then, you pitch them to work with you!

    Here’s an example.

    I’m a food blogger so I head to a top food blog and see who their sponsors are.

    I find their “search” bar and type “sponsored”

    Here’s the search page of a top food blog:



    After searching for “sponsored” on the blog, you’ll see the posts that have the word “sponsored” in them, which will likely lead you to sponsored posts. Some blogs even have a page dedicated to brands/media that talk about their sponsored work, like this one:

    blog sponsorships


    This tells you the specific brands the blogger has worked with, which means that they are friendly to blogs and if you contacted them, they wouldn’t be thrown off about a blogger reaching them, as they might be if they were unfamiliar with blog sponsorships and never partnered with a blogger before.

    Make sense?

    I like to think of it as a warmer kind of outreach. Although you may have never worked with the company, they have done sponsorships before and therefore are familiar with the process, procedure, etc.

    So this is the strategy you can use to find sponsorships on blog competitors.

    Pretty easy, right?


    I hope you enjoyed reading about this little hack.

    Have you ever done blog sponsorships? What’s your opinion about them? Share your thoughts down below in comments.

    Recommended Blogging Resources


    This hosting provider is my number one pick for web host. They offer unparalleled support, affordable pricing, and a bunch of awesome perks included with your hosting package.

    Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

    To make the most money blogging I highly recommend that you monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. And if you want to earn the most blogging with affiliate marketing, you have got to take Michelle‘s making sense of affiliate marketing training.

    After I took this course, within 2 to 3 weeks I made 10 times my regular monthly affiliate income going from around $80 per month to over $800 the next month.

    You’ll find tons of great information, support, access to other students who have taken the training and she does a really excellent job of updating the content and material in the course. Highly recommended.

    Click this link to take a look at the training and if you buy using my affiliate link, contact me and I’ll send you $50 off one of my courses, your pick!


    From designing your blog graphics to customizing your email header or creating pins for Pinterest, you’ll find everything that you need and design software from Canva.

    Canva is one of the best resources for blogging and it’s totally free.

    I have been using the software for over two years now and absolutely love it. If you have no design skills at all you can totally make smashing graphics using Canvas easy-to-use software. They have an app too and I use it to design on the go on my cell phone and iPad.

    spying on your competitors make money blogging

    Read more

  • How to Make Up to $10,000/Month with Blog Collaborations

    Are you tired of hitting your head against the wall, trying to figure out how to make your blog profitable. It’s definitely a process to start and grow your blog. Endless hours of researching keywords, content, writing blog posts, sharing on social media, connecting with other bloggers to learn, build backlinks, practice SEO and a host of other things to try to get your blog off the ground.

    There’s an easier way to do it all!

    I’ve monetized brand new blogs (like 2-months old brand new) with blog collaborations!

    Keep reading to learn all about how I do it!

    What are blog collaborations?

    Blog collabs or brand deals are when you get paid by a sponsor to feature them on your blog.

    Like if you’re a style blogger and a shoe company sends you a free pair of shoes and $200 to talk about them to your audience on social media and write a blog post.

    That is what I’m talking about it.

    Blog collabs work great for bloggers of all sizes and all paths, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned blogger.

    There’s a strategy to it all and your script has a lot to do with it.

    I’m talking about pitching brands!

    Sure you can join sponsored networks like Linqia and wait for them to match you with a brand but not only is the competition so fierce but they take a big cut of the compensation.

    So instead of you getting $1,000, you might get $600 and they take $400.

    The script is the key to connecting with the brand, taking the collaboration back into your hands where you call the shots, determine your own pay and decide what you’ll post instead of being subjected to what the network negotiates.

    Grab my FREE pitch script (and instructions) so you can start pitching brands for blog collaborations starting today!



    Read more

  • How Grocery Pickup Saved Me $200/Mo (and Saved Me 3 Hours/Month in My Time)!

    Raise your hand if you hate grocery shopping?   That is totally me. Ever since I was a child I have truly dreaded going to the grocery store and that did not change going into adulthood. I don’t know what it is, I just dislike the experience. It’s time-consuming to drag your tired body through the grocery store, while managing small children and trying to stick to your list, avoiding throwing extra temptations  (like frosted poptarts) into your shopping cart and other obstacles.   I have tried many different tips and tactics over the years to help make the grocery shopping experience more enjoyable for me but I have failed. Until now.

    If you’re looking for an excuse to switch over to grocery pickup then you are going to fall in love with this article. Make sure you bookmark this post so you can come back to it later. 

    Here we go…

    What is Grocery Pickup?

    Grocery pickup is a service offered by more and more grocery stores where they will do your grocery shopping for you and all you have to do is drive to the store and pick up.

    First, you go to the grocery store website and you do your shopping online.

    So, with list in hand your browse the grocery store website and add all of your grocery items to your shopping cart and then when you’re done you will pick a store pickup time and check out.

    When it’s time for you to pick up your groceries you’ll drive to the grocery store to do your pickup.

    Some stores will have a dedicated pickup area. 

    In my town, the grocery stores that offer pick up have a pick up section where you drive to you a special area, call or text the store and they take your groceries to your car and load in your trunk.

    You don’t even have to leave your car.

    It’s super easy and convenient.

    Benefits of Grocery Pickup

    • Saves time
    • Saves money
    • Convenience

    Drawbacks to Grocery Pickup

    • Service fee

    So, is grocery pick-up really all that great?

    I certainly think so though it is slightly more expensive than if you go in store and do your shopping.

    This is why:

    First, there is usually a service fee for doing grocery pick-up. When I do pick up at the two stores that I usually go to which are Walmart and HEB, the pickup fee is generally $5 to $6.

    Then in addition to that, you’ll find that the grocery items that are picked up do you have a small markup.

    For example, our family is mostly dairy-free so we pick up dairy-free coconut yogurt which costs $1.58 in store and $1.72 through grocery pickup.

    You can see that that’s very small markup and all the items have tiny markups like that so a few cents here and there though, it may not seem like it, can add up and add a couple dollars to your order but in my opinion even with the additional cost, I still come out way on top with the savings that I get by doing grocery pickup.

    How Do I Save $200/Month with Grocery Pickup?

    grocery pickup

    When you go grocery shopping there is really a whole strategy and a specific mindset that you need to have in place to shop the right way.

    You have to shop with a list.

    You can’t shop hungry.

    You have to have time and not rush your grocery shopping.

    Plus, other things that you have to keep in mind and do to have a successful shop.

    If any of these things are not in place, then your whole grocery shop can be sabotaged.

    If you shop without a list, you end up getting double or triple items that you don’t need, like picking up 2 bags of spaghetti when you already have spaghetti in your pantry at home.

    Or, you’ll spend way too much time shopping because you don’t know what to shop for.

    This adds to your trip and the more time in store, the more you will spend.

    If you shop hungry, you will overshop, guaranteed.

    This is the worst thing you can do.

    Not to mention all the temptation on the aisles, even sale items, which are super easy to just throw in your cart.

    All this is avoided with grocery pickup.

    You do your shopping right online from the comfort of your own home.

    Then, you check out and that’s that.

    No adding extra items to your cart, no overshopping. It’s a simple, streamlined experience.

    How Do I Save 3 Hours/Month with Grocery Pickup?

    One of the major benefits of picking up your groceries through a grocery pick-up service is the time savings. Because a lot of time is dedicated to grocery shopping.

    When I go grocery shopping I will usually spend a minimum of an hour in the store and I shop weekly so that’s a total of 4 hours in a grocery store every single month.

    And for me, because I really dread grocery shopping and I dislike the entire experience, that is a long 4 hours a month spent in grocery stores.

    When I do grocery pickup, the trip takes about 15 minutes so I save 45 minutes a week on my grocery trip.

    It takes about 5 minutes to drive to the store and then with the time to notify the store that I’ve arrived at my pickup time and for them to come out and load my car, the total time ends up being about 15 minutes and again that does include the drive to the store.

    So that’s how I save 3 hours per month with grocery pickup.

    Trying Grocery Delivery to Save Even More!

    grocery pickup

    So, whats the deal with grocery delivery?

    Grocery delivery has all the same benefits of grocery pickup PLUS, you get your groceries delivered to your front door.

    This is perfect for people who can’t get away to go shop, like overworked or too busy moms, people without transportation and for the lazy, like me sometimes, who don’t want to even go drive to the store to pick up groceries.

    Not to mention, there are times when you’re tired or sick and you need food in your fridge.

    You just can’t drag yourself to your car, so why not do delivery, right?

    Advantages to Grocery Delivery

    • Save money
    • Save time
    • Convenient

    Disadvantages to Grocery Delivery

    • Service fee
    • Membership might be required

    You save money in all the ways described above with grocery pickup.

    First, shop online for your groceries. Then, checkout and pick your delivery time. You’re done!

    So you avoid overspending which can happen when you visit the store and throw extra items in your cart when you’re hungry, tired, or can’t resist temptation.

    You save time because you can do what you need to at home while your groceries are shopped by the store and delivered to your home.

    How convenient, right?

    The disadvantages can include a service fee. All stores may not have service fees but most do, I think. This fee can range up to $8 to $10 per grocery trip.

    It’s more than the pickup fee usually but considering the upper end of that range for a weekly delivery, or $40 in fees. It’s still less than the $200 extra I’d be spending if I visited the store in person.

    So, it’s still a savings!

    Then, some stores or delivery services may require a membership, where you pay a flat amount every month to have your groceries delivered.

    Unless that monthly membership is $200/month (in my case), which will not be the case, it’s still cheaper.

    In short…

    Grocery pickup and grocery delivery saves money and saves time.

    It’s super convenient and makes you not dread the grocery shopping experience any longer.

    These are some of my favorite stores that offer grocery pickup and grocery delivery:

    • HEB
    • Walmart
    • Kroger

    This service, Instacart offers grocery delivery.

    I love them because they work with a ton of different stores, like Whole Foods and possibly Trader Joes. I’ve been a member with Instacart and had a stellar experience.

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    Would you do grocery pickup or grocery delivery? Why or why not? Share with us down below in comments!

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