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  • 7 Amazing Valentines Gifts for Boyfriends

    7 Valentine's Gifts for Your Boyfriend

    Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you’re stuck on what to get your boyfriend or spouse. We dig these gifts and gadgets and we think you will too.

    Technology is advancing at a crazy fast rate. The speed at which technological innovation and advancement is occurring is incredible and the rapid development is causing retailers to get more and more creative with the innovative products they create. Innovative products range from cool toys and tools to health devices and problem-solving gadgets.

    We’ve put together some of the most trending products that are going to sell out in 2020.

    We also listed great prices and discounts, so scroll down and enjoy!

    7 Amazing Valentines Gifts for Your Boyfriend

    1. The Airbolt Smart Lock

    AirBolt lets you easily protect and monitor your belongings right from your phone.

    Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend


    Always know where your luggage is and who’s handling it, secure your bags while at work or at the gym.

    What is it?

    It’s a smart lock/phone app combination that provides advanced hi-tech security with tracking capabilities to keep your valuables from being lost, stolen, or opened without you knowing!

    It’s unlike any other lock. AirBolt gives you the unique ability to track and control multiple AirBolt locks right from their free app – making it INSANELY EASY to manage ALL of them right from your phone.

    They call themselves the world’s most intelligent keyless smart lock.

    • Control Access from your Phone
    • One App to Control ALL Locks
    • Never Lose Your Stuff Again
    • Share Access with Friends and Family
    • Advanced AES 128-bit Encryption
    • 100% TSA Accepted
    • Long lasting Rechargeable Battery
    • Engineered for Life
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty

    What People Are Saying about Airbolt..

    Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend

    Your boyfriend/spouse will love this if he’s a traveler and would love to track his luggage right from his cell phone!

    Learn more about the Airbolt Smartlock.

    2. Dodow Sleep Device

    If your guy has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, tossing and turning all night preventing a good night’s rest, you will LOVE Dodow.

    This amazing gadget is a sleep-saver! You must get Dodow.  The best thing you can do!

    Dodow created waves in the market in early 2018 by helping millions fall asleep naturally, without having to resort to toxic pills & OTC drugs and all without any side-effects!

    This unique gadget is an all-in-one sleeping solution, which combines the latest research in cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, and mindfulness with cutting-edge technology to retrain your brain to sleep naturally.

    In fact, Dodow users fall asleep 2.5x faster. Not to mention that Dodow actually improves your sleep quality, so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the day! And it is  super simple to use.

    Dodow is portable, you can take it anywhere, and it will even help you fall asleep when you’re jet-lagged! It can lull you to sleep at any time, anywhere!

    And what’s more, you even have a 30-day money back guarantee. Really. How can you go wrong? You either get your sleep back or your money back. In just 30 days. It’s that simple!

    Grab Dodow as the perfect Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend.

    3. Aculief Headache and Migraine Relief

    For headache sufferers, what if you could ditch the pills in lieu of this cool gadget that provides relief almost instantly?

    This accupressure device provides drug-free headache relief.

    How it Works?

    The LI4 is an anti-inflammatory pressure point is located on our hands. And, it activates our body’s endorphins.

    According Johns Hopkins University “Proper stimulation of the LI4 pressure point is effective in relieving headaches, pain of the eyes, toothaches, jaw pain, and pain of the limbs and bones.

    It works out of the box and it starts working in minutes.

    Check out Aculief to learn more.

    4. Kailo Nanotech Pain Patch

    What if you could turn off pain in seconds by applying a patch?

    Meet Kailo.

    This nanotech patch turns off pain in seconds. Perfect for your boyfriend who might have sore spots from working out, suffer from back pain or other chronic or sporadic pain.

    Kailo has zero side effects and can be worn every single day. Pain relief has never been this simple, effective, or affordable.

    This is a Millennial Nextdoor favorite!

    It looks like this…

    • Works Anywhere On Your Body including shoulders, hack knee, hands, feet, and more.
    • Feel Relief In Less Than 60 seconds and watch pain disappear
    • 100% Drug-Free & Zero Side Effects – made with 100% natural occurring elements
    • Patches Last For Years (Include Reusable Adhesives) – Kailo can be worn over and over, day after day, without losing functionality.
    • Place On Your Skin Or Over Clothing 
    • Waterproof and Versatile – Extremely durable and designed to handle any physical activity or weather condition.
    • 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee 

    Grab Kailo here.

    5. Neck Hammock

    Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend

    Oh my gosh, this next one gets me so excited. You have GOT TO try this. It’s a hammock for your neck.

    It helps with neck pain, improved posture, increased circulation, and fewer pinched nerves. It pulls the tension out of those tight, inflamed muscles in your neck while you rest!

    Why Customers Love the Neck Hammock…

    Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend

    Neck pain is a common problem with very few solutions. Whether the pain comes from sitting at a desk, looking at your phone, physical activity, or stress, living with neck pain is…well, a pain!

    After raising over $901,058 in crowdfunding, from a start up idea, Neck Hammock quickly became a reality and went viral after celebrities shared pictures of them using it across social media channels.

    This new revolutionary gadget was designed by an actual physiotherapist and uses cervical traction to relax tight neck muscles and promote better neck mobility, reducing pain and allowing you to live life again.

    Learn More About the Neck Hammock

    6. ThePhotostick-Instantly Back Up All Your Photos & Videos

    Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you’ve lost some of your photos and videos?

    Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you’re missing precious photos and videos?

    That’s why this neat gadget called ThePhotoStick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide. But don’t just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers (think the baby boomer crowd).

    With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected.

    It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free! It is a small thumb drive that you plug into your Mac or PC. You just open the program and click and it’ll automatically find all your photos and videos and back them up to the PhotoStick. That’s how simple it is.

    Learn More About ThePhotostick.

    7. Xtra-PC – Speed Up Your Old Computer With This

    If you are tired of waiting on a slow Windows PC or Mac, then you can try this impressive Xtra-PC USB drive.

    This extra cool gadget contains a BLAZING FAST operating system built on Linux that can bypass your old, slow operating system when inserted in your computer’s USB port.

    All you have to do is restart your PC, boot into USB, and you’re set – no technical skills required!

    The new operating system maintains the familiar structure of your old one and gives you access to all the files you previously had.

    Not to mention that it comes with your favorite programs which allow you to browse the web, send & receive emails, listen to music & watch your favorite videos and more!

    With Xtra-PC you can do everything you did before, except that on a super fast computer. No wonder that hundreds of thousands have started using Xtra-PC in 2019 to boost their productivity.

    With Xtra-PC, you feel like you have an entirely new PC at a fraction of the cost!

    Not to mention that Xtra-PC works even with faulty or missing hard drives, and gives you the opportunity to recover files you thought you had lost forever after a crash. It’s like having your own data recovery team in your pocket.

    Learn more about Xtra-PC.

    Final Thoughts

    There you go, 7 ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend. Enjoy!

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  • 15-Point Checklist for Getting Money Smart in Your 20s

    15-Point Checklist for Getting Money Smart in Your 20s

    15-Point Checklist for Getting Money Smart in Your 20sIf you feel like you’re very behind when it comes to money, you are not alone.  Millennials are busy dealing with lower and stagnating incomes, higher debt, lower net worth, lower rates of homeownership, underemployment, duration of financial position, and more. 


    In part because we came of age during the Great Recession.

    But no worries, all is not lost.

    A great place to start and fight against some of those hurdles is through our 15-point checklist to help you get money smart. It’s great to build on these habits now when you’re young as you’re laying the foundation for a sound, strong financial foundation in the future.

    Let’s get started!

    1. Go Through Your Money

    The most important thing everyone needs to do if you have not touched your money is go through all of your bank and card statements and just analyze every purchase. Gain an understanding of your money on an intimate level.  You should know what’s coming in and what’s going out.

    This will allow you to get a bird’s-eye view of your net worth, which is basically your assets and your debts and the review of your accounts, which will allow you to really see the daily flow of your money.

    This will give you some context as to how you’ve gotten to that current net worth just looking at your money situation in the face and getting to know it intimately.

    This is a crucial first step. 

    2. Create a Budget

    Use that analysis of your starting budget to create a current budget. This does not mean it is where you want to be, it is understanding where you are.  You should know roughly what percentage of all of your income is going to what, particularly if you’ve never given yourself a budget before.

    Coming to the understanding that you do have a budget whether or not you realize that you just maybe haven’t had control over it is very important.  Even if you only have $10 you should know where most of that money is going. 

    3. Have Different Goals

    It’s ok to have different goals. Not all of them are going to be the same.

    You should have a rough picture of the life that you want to live.

    This might be:

    • Owning a home
    • Put in your job to go freelance
    • Traveling the world
    • Starting a family 

    The point is, you want to have a rough sketch in your mind of the goals you are working towards. Then you can tie money to those specific goals rather than just think of cash as a something you accumulate. 

    The more you will be able to stay on track, stay motivated and understand why you’re making the choices, the closer you will get to reaching your future goals. To get there you must create a budget.

    4. Choose a Goal Budget

    This means figuring out roughly how much you want to be saving every month, how much more will you need to earn or less we need to spend in order to get there, and where you are in terms of distance from how you’re living today from that ideal budget.

    Your goal budgets will change over time but the point is you should take time to separate yourself from how you’re handling money today to how you should be handling money.

    Makes sense, right?

    A common frame that a lot of people use to making an ideal budget is something like the 50 30-20 Rule:

    • 50% of your money goes to needs (bills)
    • 30% of your money goes to wants (traveling, etc.)
    • 20% of your money goes to savings

    Read more on the 50-30-20 rule to learn more.

    5. Get to Know your Credit Score

    Wherever your credit is now or where it’s been, there are always ways to improve your score so don’t feel disheartened if you’re not where you want to be.

    We recommend Lexington Law to help improve your credit. They have a stellar team of professionals and attorneys that specialize in credit repair. The process is simple and I’ve had several friends go through the process with amazing results, that left them happy, confident and able to move forward with buying a house, buying their dream car, and more.

    Check out Lexington Law to learn more.

    Credit is important and a means to help you get access to larger purchases that you may not have cash for, like a house or car. 

    When it comes to managing your credit, to position yourself to have the strongest score, practice on time bill payment, having a low debt utilization ratio, keeping your cards open and in good standing.

    6. Find a Financial Buddy

    Number six is find to financial buddy to help you on your journey and sandwich we will link you to but it boils down to this:

    The hard decisions you’re going to have to make and the savings Journeys are going to have to go on and the things you might have to say no to expensive financially who’s not going to judge you for being on a budget 

    7. Start Working on an Emergency Fund

    Working on your emergency fund is crucial. Save up your emergency fund for the long term and short term because if the unexpected were to occur, you want to be prepared.

    You should aim to have about three months of living expenses set aside so that if anything were to happen like the 3 root canals my husband needed last year that cost multiple thousands, you’ll be financially prepared.

    Other unexpected costs that could come up at any time include unexpected injury, your car breaking down, a car accident, a job loss, etc.

    Without an emergency fund any one of these incidents could leave you in financial ruin easily.

    Keep spending to a minimum while you are growing your emergency fund. You don’t wanna play Russian roulette with your financial future.

    8. Do a 1-Month Financial Cleanse

    You know when you’re getting into the swing of things,  going toward your ideal budget and learning how you can save more. The biggest help can be to go on a radical budget for a month. Whether that’s a cash-only diet or trying to save 50% of your income or reducing absolutely every expense that’s not essential, in order to really get a better picture of your life.

    So much of what we come to expect and spend on life is a result of what we call lifestyle inflation. Basically as you get more money you have a tendency to spend more money and feel like you need to it becomes more and more normal to take a car, to order take out, to put purchases on credit, etc.

    Basically to live a life that is more luxurious than you need even just to be happy so, doing one month where you’re really reducing all of those “want” expenses as much as possible really puts into sharp relief what is worth to spend that extra money on what you really don’t need.

    9. Advancement Opportunity

    Getting more comfortable with understanding your own professional industry and how you can advance in it.

    Many people consider millennials job hoppers but did you know that millennial workers are actually just as likely to stick with their employers as Generation X’rs?

    Stay on top of your job and take advantage of advancement opportunity, even if it means leaving your company. At my former company I had many friends that were not even getting the interviews they wanted for the next step in their careers and after years at the company, they left! And they left to pursue the opportunity that they wanted and secured it with another company.

    Sometimes this needs to be done and don’t be afraid to pursue this avenue. It can be the best thing for your career.

    These changes can have significant short-term and long-term positive effect. 

    10. Additional Streams of Income

    Outside of your main industry where you’re obviously going to be making your longer-term moves and your primary income, you want to set up at least one stream of additional income. This is extra income outside your job, so no, overtime does not count.

    Outside your normal job this could be something as small as babysitting or dog walking once a week. These small changes can go on to creating tons of passive income Investments or really helpful doing things like meeting savings goals and being less dependent on your job.

    You never want to feel as though one employer can hold your entire financial future in their hands so this is why diversifying income streams is so important, even if you just make enough to have some fun money because fun is important, too!

    11. Get Over Your Fear of Credit Cards 

    Get over credit card fear and start using them to your advantage now!  If you’re someone who really doesn’t trust themselves quite yet with a credit card, start with a very small card and use them only to pay for specific bills.

    This can be a good, fairly low impact way to build your credit history as you get more trustworthy with your ability to use credit cards, making sure you’re getting the most point advantages,  churning bills through them, so you can build up that cash back or rewards.

    Then,  you can get that good credit utilization ratio and little by little open up a whole new world of financial extras to you that you can get just by spending the money you were already spending! 

    A good Golden Rule of credit card so is to never ever use them to buy something that you wouldn’t have bought otherwise with the cash in your bank account.

    12. Make all your accounts as smart as possible

    Make all of your bank accounts as smart as possible.

    If you want to separate your checking and savings accounts to two different banks so you are never tempted to transfer over some quick savings, do it!

    You can also make multiple savings accounts for different goals and label them by the goals.  

    Worried about manually going in and moving that money over AKA taking it and using it to spend on something stupid? Try the above to see if it helps.

    13. Learn to speak the language of money

    Now, once you’ve mastered your day-to-day use of things like credit cards, savings accounts, budgets, etc., you want to get a little bit more advanced in your understanding of the money world around you.


    14. Get a Retirement Account

    Open at least one retirement account to help you save for retirement. When you’re retired you want money to live on. You won’t be working so take this time while you’re young to build up your nest egg.

    For those who don’t know, a retirement account is a special kind of investing account where you put money into this account that you cannot touch until retirement.

    There is your 401k and IRAs and you can have both.  Whichever option you decide to pursue, make sure you have an account for retirement.

    15. Write a 5-Year Work Strategy

    Write out your 5-year strategy for getting what you are worth at work.

    This means things like how you’re going to negotiate for a raise when the time comes, any particular promotions you’re angling for, are you going to have to move to a new position or switch to a different industry entirely?

    Making these big moves are not going to just magically happen. They have to be planned strategically and you have to figure out how they are going to fit into your life.

    You are going to get what you are most worth in the most proactive way possible and this will enable you to have the most control in a situation where things can often be unpredictable.

    For example, if you know there’s a specific promotion you really want to go for, planning to get there should ideally start at least a year in advance.

    Make sense?

    Craft this 5-year strategy an don’t be afraid to change the plan as life changes.

    Final Thoughts

    What do you think? This is some of our best advice for being money smart in your 20s. Share your thoughts and opinions so we can continue the conversation.

    For more on money-making and money-saving hacks, check out these posts:

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  • How to Sell Your Website Like a Pro

    sell your website like a pro

    Thinking about selling your website?

    Whether you feel burnt out and you’re ready to ditch that website or you’ve been planning the exit of your website for a while, you can sell it like a pro!

    Learn what you need to sell, how to sell effectively, for the most money, easily and effortlessly all on your own.

    My Story of Selling My First Site

    My first website sold for just over $81,000 and this is how it went.

    I was operating a website that I dedicated far too much time to, in a bad way. It became my life and it totally overwhelmed me. At the same time, it was growing, doing well, getting over 50,000 monthly page views and reaching over 100K social media fans across Instagram and other social networks. I was making over $30,000 per month revenue on this site and I needed to let it go!

    It took me a while to get to this place but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I don’t regret it at all.

    A broker took around $5,000 in broker fees, once it sold. The whole process took about 3 months, talking to various people, providing a ton of documents and more. It was an experience and going through that taught me that I could do it myself, better, cheaper, and on my own terms.

    So my next website sale came about a year later for a cool five figure sales price. From there, I went on to flip dozens more websites, selling the way I wanted to, on my own terms and saving on broker fees.

    Do you want to save money on selling on your site?

    You don’t need to be tech savvy, a super negotiator or a math whiz. Grab my free checklist to get on your way to selling your website like a pro!👇👇

    For more on money-making and money-saving hacks, check out these posts:

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  • 8 Online Survey Sites To Make Extra Money

    Looking for paid survey sites for extra money? Is it possible to make money survey taking?

    Can You Really Make Money with Paid Online Surveys?

    I have!

    Keep reading to learn how to make money with paid online surveys, and don’t forget to bookmark this post to come back to it later!

    I have taken paid online surveys and I’m proud to say so.

    It’s a great source of extra money for whatever your purpose may be, whether you are trying to pay extra toward student loan debt, grow your savings account, or pay off your credit cards.

    There is money to be had in taking paid online surveys but you won’t get rich doing it!

    But, earning some side cash is possible taking surveys online in your spare time.

    The way you can make it work is by survey taking around your personal schedule.

    It’s like working a job where you pick when you want to work.

    Like, an Uber driver or Doordash driver job. Pick when you work.

    I was able to do a handful of surveys every week during my spare time.

    This was usually when I was waking up in the morning taking 10-15 minutes to roll out of bed playing on my phone. Taking surveys helped wake me up and got my brain thinking. It’s a super easy way to make money getting paid for your honest opinion.

    How Much I’ve Made With Survey Sites

    In fact I made up to $400 from a single survey! (Keep reading to learn how I did that).

    Most surveys paid up to a few bucks each which may not sound like a lot but, trust me, it does add up and you can be on your way to making an extra $250 per month through survey taking.

    It’s easy work.

    Work from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

    You pick the time you take surveys.

    It’s all done from the comfort of home.

    Really, a win-win if I say so myself.

    Here are some top tips to make the most side hustling with paid online surveys:

    Related content:

    First, why do companies offer paid online surveys?

    Consumer opinion is super valuable and it can be very difficult to get it, for free.

    I remember one time walking in H-E-B (a Texas grocery store) grocery shopping and getting stopped to sample different brands of milk. I tried about 6 different milks and in return I got a small bag of chips. I had time so I did it, no biggie.

    But, let me tell you, halfway through I totally regretted it and wanted to back out. Thinking about how many people agree to sample makes me greater understand why companies pay through online surveys.

    When you share your opinion in a survey, you help companies with your valuable input, that helps shape the way they produce products and services for the general public.

    The companies listed below are consulting, survey, and market research companies that help companies conduct surveys.

    Sign up for as many paid online surveys as you can to help you make the most money.

    To increase your chances of making more money, I recommend signing up for as many online survey companies as possible.

    Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to take surveys from every company but it really gives you the greatest opportunity to make the most cash.

    Individual survey companies may only send a handful of surveys each month so the more companies you are signed up with, the more you can possibly make.

    Make sense?

    It’s free to sign up and super simple.

    The survey companies I recommend signing up for include:

    1. Lifepoints
    2. Survey Junkie
    3. Swagbucks
    4. InboxDollars
    5. Opinion City
    6. MobileXpressions
    7. Pinecone Research
    8. Survey Club

    How do I get paid to take online surveys?

    There are several options for getting paid, and it varies by the survey company, including:

    • PayPal
    • Direct Deposit
    • Venmo
    • Check mailed
    • Gift cards
    • Rewards

    Do I need any special equipment to take online surveys?

    All you need is internet access and the ability to connect to the survey site through a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. No special tools or equipment is needed.

    You will love the flexible work and you can take surveys on your time, 24/7.

    What kind of questions will you be asked when getting paid to take surveys?

    When filling out the surveys, questions will vary and you answer different questions.

    It could be related to your lifestyle, birthday, favorite movie, foods you enjoy eating, products you use, etc. Survey companies use this information to try to understand consumers better so they know the best products and services they can offer them.

    How much will I make take paid survey sites?

    The amount you earn varies based on the number of surveys you take, the payout for each survey, and other factors. You can earn up to $250/month or more taking surveys. My best month earned me around $600 in one month!

    Are paid surveys a scam?

    The online survey sites above are all legitimate and totally real but there are survey companies online that are not real. If you stumble upon a survey site not listed above and are interested in signing up but unsure if they are real, here are some red flags to look out for:

    • Do you have to pay to signup? All legitimate survey companies should offer free signup/registration
    • Do you remember signing up? Suddenly getting emails or does the company have your info but you don’t remember giving it to them? It could be a scam
    • Are they promising you full-time income or the opportunity to get rich? Survey taking for money is real but getting rich from it is not. You won’t be able to make a full time income taking surveys.

    How did I make $400 from one survey?

    I participated in a 90 minute survey/panel and earned a $400 Visa gift card for my time. This required an interview of me where I spoke to a rep from the company and answered honestly over webcam. I also did some demonstration of a website where they could watch the activity I was doing online.

    These high paying panel opportunities are possible but you won’t score opportunities like this every month so be realistic in the earnings potential for taking paid online surveys.

    What do you think of paid survey sites? 

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  • How to Start a Blog and Make Money

    For me, blogging is something that has totally changed my life. I discovered it on the cusp of an ending career where I was working 60 hour work weeks, struggling with work life balance and stressed out up to my neck. I rediscovered blogging through Pinterest. I always thought bloggers were poor and I figured they were blogging to vent about their life and using their website like a diary.

    Boy was I wrong!

    The Pinterest pin I found was from a pro blogger who had made $69,000 that month from her blog!

    Yes, I said that month.

    Jaw drop.

    I wanted a career change. I wanted to achieve freedom financially. There were a bunch of reasons I decided to go for it.

    I envisioned a life where I could work a regular full-time work week 40 hours or less, while getting to travel, write, and continue reaching for financial independence. Today, over 5 years later, I am so thrilled I made that decision.

    You see, blogging helped me become a six figure entrepreneur.

    It helped me discover passions I never knew I had, like a passion for writing. It’s a fun job that doesn’t feel like work. I’ve made a ton of friends and learned a lot and if you’re reading this then you might be considering blogging yourself.

    My advice to you is go for it!

    how to start a profitable blog

    You are going to LOVE blogging. I’ve been doing it for about over 5 years now and it has totally changed my life. It’s an incredible way to share what you know and be an expert to others in a field of your choosing. In this post, you will learn how to start a blog and make money.

    Your blog can be a place to…

    • Educate
    • Share
    • Vent
    • Share your passions
    • Be an online journal

    Starting a blog is SO MUCH EASIER than you might be thinking.

    Using the tools and resources we share in this article (like WordPress and Siteground), you’ll be able to create your hub for creativity, helping you earn up to thousands of dollars (or more) every month doing something that you love!

    Here’s our easy guide on how to start a profitable blog in just 20 minutes:

    How to Start A Blog and Make Money

    how to start a profitable blog

    This process start to finish will take you about 30 minutes.

    Just follow these steps:

    • Pick a niche
    • Build your Blog
    • Tackle design and pick a theme
    • Add Content

    Step 1: Pick a Niche | How to Start A Blog and Make Money

    The best way to choose what you will blog about is starting with your interests and passions.

    Think about how you spend your day, what you do for a living, hobbies you do after work or on weekends, etc. And, don’t worry, you can always change your mind with this later so don’t stress out too much about picking the perfect niche.

    Some examples include:

    • Baking
    • Food and nutrition
    • Fitness
    • Travel
    • Knitting
    • Homeschooling
    • Budgeting
    • Career
    • Wellness
    • Spirituality

    You can even pick a very specific niche like raw vegan or parenting a special needs child, etc.

    From here, it’s time to build your blog (the fun stuff)!

    Step 2: Building Your Blog | How to Start A Blog and Make Money

    Start by thinking of a name for your blog.

    You can make this simple, a play on words, your name, really anything you’d like.

    You can try this free tool

    how to start a blog

    Once you decide on your blog name, move onto the next step, your blogging platform, WordPress.

    You may see that there are a ton of platforms available for blogging but WordPress is the ABSOLUTE BEST!

    It’s great for all blogging levels, user-friendly, easy to navigate and our top recommendation. Plus, it’s free! Can’t go wrong with free.

    Head to Siteground (Siteground partners with WordPress) and pick your hosting plan.

    start a blog in just 20 minutes

    We recommend the Grow Big plan. And, you can change plans in the future, no problem so don’t feel stuck in your choice you make today.

    Why Siteground?

    They are incredible. I’ve had dozens of blogs and many different hosts and Siteground is by far the best. I like them better than Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost and others. I’ve tried all these guys too.

    Siteground shocked me with their stellar support. They are super knowledgeable, friendly and have uber-fast response times. I like that I can chat with support conveniently from my computer or cell phone and get all my questions answered.

    They have a streamlined dashboard that lets me manage my hosting plan, email accounts, and even my affiliate account!

    Plus, all this and more…

    YOU will LOVE SITEGROUND! Click this link to learn more about them and sign up.

    Go through the steps for setup, apply WordPress and you got yourself a blog!

    If you don’t like Siteground, the second best host I can recommend is Bluehost.

    I’ve used Bluehost many times and they’re great too but I like Siteground a little better.

    Step 3: Design and Theme |How to Start A Blog and Make Money 

    In this step you get to apply a pretty theme to your blog.

    You can go with one of WordPress’s many themes or you can pick a premium theme from a provider like Studiopress.

    Studiopress is known for Genesis Framework which is THE framework for helping you get your blog tons of traffic and helping you make money faster than other themes.

    They have integrated, built-in tools with the theme that help you with virtually every aspect of SEO on your blog.SEO is search engine optimization and it’s the stuff that helps your website get found on Google and other search engines.

    Studiopress themes have built-in SEO tools to help you with that so it’s hands off for you, as the blog owner.

    Pick a StudioPress theme if you go the Premium route, then apply it in WordPress.

    Head to Appearance>Themes>Add New

    Step 4: Add Content

    In this step it’s about adding content.

    This is where you can let your personality shine and start writing blog posts about whatever your heart fancys. 

    Don’t forget to add your Navigation menu and other critical pages for your blog like About and Contact.

    The About page tells the reader all about you. Get detailed here and talk about yoruself. Share why you started blogging, what your goal is for the blog and anything else you’d like your audience to know about you.

    The Contact Page is a way for readers to reach out to you if they need to ask questions, etc. You can use the Contact 7 Plugin for this page, which is an easy contact form, or feel free to use the contact page/plugin that comes with your theme.

    Recommended reading:

    How to Start A Blog and Make Money | Final Thoughts

    You just created your blog! This concludes our tutorial on how to start a blog and make money.

    How do you feel?

    Make sure to bookmark Millennial Nextdoor as we will be sharing more helpful info to help you with blogging and navigating your blogging journey.


    Head to our Contact page and drop us a line! Or comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Happy blogging!

    Recommended Blogging Resources


    This hosting provider is my number one pick for web host. They offer unparalleled support, affordable pricing, and a bunch of awesome perks included with your hosting package.

    Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

    To make the most money blogging I highly recommend that you monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. And if you want to earn the most blogging with affiliate marketing, you have got to take Michelle‘s making sense of affiliate marketing training.

    After I took this course, within 2 to 3 weeks I made 10 times my regular monthly affiliate income going from around $80 per month to over $800 the next month.

    You’ll find tons of great information, support, access to other students who have taken the training and she does a really excellent job of updating the content and material in the course. Highly recommended.

    Click this link to take a look at the training and if you buy using my affiliate link, contact me and I’ll send you $50 off one of my courses, your pick!


    From designing your blog graphics to customizing your email header or creating pins for Pinterest, you’ll find everything that you need and design software from Canva.

    Canva is one of the best resources for blogging and it’s totally free.

    I have been using the software for over two years now and absolutely love it. If you have no design skills at all you can totally make smashing graphics using Canvas easy-to-use software. They have an app too and I use it to design on the go on my cell phone and iPad.

    Read more

  • How to Make Money on Pinterest ($10,000!)

    Did you know that you can make money on Pinterest? A lot of people know that social media is a way to make money, sometimes directly sometimes indirectly. Pinterest is no different.

    Check out this tutorial on how to make money on Pinterest! Don’t forget to comment below to let us know what you think!

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  • 8 Best Side Hustles for College Students

    Looking for the best side hustles for college students? This is it!

    You’re finally going to take your finances into your own hands, make money, saving money and set your path to financial freedom.

    Making money through side hustles is a great way to boost your income. You can buffer your savings account, grow your retirement nest egg, save for a large purchase, your child’s education, etc.

    It’s just a good thing to have, more money equals more financial power.

    There are a ton of side hustles out there.

    This list will show you the very best side hustles of 2020. Dive in!

    The 8 Best Side Hustles for College Students

    1. Website Flipping

    People are starting to realize the value in websites. It’s like real estate. With real estate flipping, you might buy a foreclosed home, fix it up, then sell at a profit. People make their living doing this! And, you can do the same with websites.

    I’ve been doing flipping of websites for 6 years and have made six figures doing it on the side.

    You can do it full-time too! I see sellers making $140,000+ every year flipping sites.

    It’s relatively easy to do and you don’t need tech skills or experience to break into this industry. You start by buying or building your website.

    Then, you grow the site. Growth happens with more traffic and more traffic comes from producing engaging content your audience will love and promoting it online. Lastly, once your site has grown in value, sell it, flipping it for a profit!

    That’s how it works.

    If you’re interested in learning more, check out this resource where I’ve helped 700+ students learn website flipping!

    2. Taking Surveys

    8 best side hustles for 2020

    This is an oldie but a goodie! This makes the list because it’s SO EASY!

    Click here to check out these 8 survey sites which are some of my favorites!

    You need absolutely no skills. You only need internet access, through your smartphone, computer, etc. You sign up for survey sites for free. Then, take surveys, being 100% honest and then get paid.

    Because it’s so easy you aren’t going to get paid a lot of money per survey. But, why would you, anyway? You’re just filling out questionnaires.

    You can earn a few bucks to $20/survey. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

    The most I’ve made has been $400 for a single survey.

    It was actually a panel and was more involved. It took about 90 minutes and required a web interview but totally worth it!

    Here are some of my favorite survey companies that pay the highest amount:

    3. Drive for Uber

    This is a super easy way to make money driving.

    You sign up for Uber, get set up, pass their background checks and start work.

    You work from an app. Start working when you want to, which means you can drive whatever shift you want. And get paid weekly to drive your car.

    You’ll be taxiing people around in your car.

    That’s it!

    Learn more about becoming an Uber driver here.

    4. Start a Dropshipping Store ( I did this!)

    8 best side hustles for 2020

    Starting a dropshipping store can earn you cash from day 1!

    First, starting an online store period is pretty simple. Especially if you do it with Shopify.

    First, figure out what you’ll sell. Next, sign up with Shopify and source your products. Figure out where you’ll get your supply. Then, add products to your store, add pricing and launch.

    Dropshipping means that your supplier will ship the goods to your customer instead of you.

    This saves you A TON of money because you won’t have to carry inventory. Carrying inventory requires a lot of capital because you have to buy wholesale supply and then you have to store it.

    Dropshipping eliminates both of these things, making it affordable to do with a low barrier to entry.

    All you need is $29 to start, which is one month of Shopify service. It’s a monthly plan and they have it all.

    When I operated my $30K per month store I was on Shopify.

    New store owners are making $7K to $10K their first month. Take a look at Shopify’s 14-day free trial to get started.

    5. Become a YouTube Influencer (Doing this now, earning a side hustle of $1,000 to $1,500 per month)

    YouTube is exploding! You can make a full-time income teaching people through videos on the platform.

    • Give music lessons
    • Teach a language
    • Educate people on your industry
    • Show off your cooking or baking skills
    • Record your life through vlogging

    There are so many ways you can take this. I actually have like 5 or 6 YouTube channels. I have a channel for blogging, one for dropshipping, one for food ASMR, and on and on.

    I really love it and once you start monetizing your videos you can make money passively, though you’ll want to keep producing new videos to keep your income increasing.

    My first year full year devoted to YouTubing just ended and I went from zero to 281,000 subscribers, making thousands of dollars! I only spend about 10 minutes a week doing it!

    6. Teach Udemy Courses (passive income)

    8 best side hustles for 2020

    You can teach others online through video course and sell them in the Udemy marketplace. I’ve been getting checks from Udemy for years. It’s so easy.

    You can create multiple courses and really up your income game. It’s free to join as an instructor, as Udemy keeps a portion of your earnings as their payment.

    Join Udemy to learn more.

    7. Become a Virtual Assistant

    You’ll be assisting people virtually. Your tasks may include:

    • Email management
    • Coordinating events
    • Posting to social media
    • Scheduling appointments and meetings

    You can be a VA for professionals, companies, or regular people that are busy. Find jobs for VA in job banks like Indeed or social media like LinkedIn and other places.

    You can even make up to $10,000/month like this VA!

    8. Start Your Own Digital Agency

    This can be a content agency where you help companies get copy written. Or, it can be a marketing agency where you connect brands to marketers. You don’t actually have to do the work here, like the content work for a content agency or the marketing for the marketing agency. You hire others (contractors) to do it for you.

    This is dropservicing.

    You create a service-based business and outsource the work!

    I saw a YouTube video on this recently and the owner was up to $30K per month in her second month doing this. Smart stuff, right?

    I used to do this years ago on Fiverr. I’d offer SEO services (had little knowledge of SEO back then) and when I’d get a job booked, I’d outsource it for about 20% of the cost, keeping the difference 80% as my profit.

    It’s arbitrage.

    Check out this story of this guy who took advantage of an opportunity to make $1,000 in 5 hours doing no work, through arbitrage.

    Check out this resource that teaches you how to start your own digital agency!

    Side Hustles To Check Out

    Final Word on Best Side Hustles for College Students

    There you go! 8 best side hustles for college students. Which one are you gonna try?

    For more on money-making and money-saving hacks, check out these posts:


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  • This Company Will Increase Your Income by $1,000/Month

    This Company Will Increase Your Income by $1,000/MonthCurious how to increase your income by $1,000/month? It’s by consolidating your debt. Hang on with me for a sec, let me explain.

    First, think about your debts. You have…

    • Credit cards
    • Student loans
    • Auto loan
    • Personal loan
    • Other loans possibly

    Each loan or credit account has an interest rate and monthly payment. If you combine them all into one, you can likely lower your interest rate, and lower your monthly payment.

    I did this my student loans a few years ago and went from $200/month or so to $50/month!

    Let’s look at an example..

    • 1 credit card 10% $2,000 balance
    • 1 student loan 5% $10,000 balance
    • 1 student loan 11.99% $8,000 balance
    • 1 auto loan 8% $5,000 balance

    The average of the interest rates is 8.74%.

    What if you could combine all those debts for an interest rate lower than that?

    Or, what if you could negotiate your balances lower to reduce your payments?

    These are just some of the options that may be available with this company.

    How to increase your income?

    Are you tired of debt controlling your life?

    Debt is hard to ignore.

    It’s easy for your debt balances to balloon out of control and take over your entire life. It can feel overwhelming and become more and more difficult to fend off the collections calls.

    How can things change?

    You have to find a company that can work on your side to help you reduce your debts.

    These professionals have these amazing accolades:

    •  TopConsumerReviews – rated #1 for Debt Consolidation
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    •  24,642 reviews on TrustPilot with a 9.4 out of 10 rating

    What People Are Saying Working with Them…

    Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating

    They really care about “you” and making your life easier. They answer all of your questions and are very detailed.

    I was up to my eyeballs in debt and National Debt Relief saved me from drowning in the debt.

    Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating

    National Debt Relief helped me settle my debts that were choking me.

    Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating Trustpilot star rating

    Getting Started..

    National Debt Relief is rated #1 for debt consolidation

    Is it really possible to increase your income by $1,000/month back every month through debt consolidation?


    Want to find out how?

    Don’t delay. If you’re serious about finally taking control of your debts, you’ve got to check out National Debt Relief. Click here to learn more about how they can help you and click here to get a free quote.

    Final Word

    Have you worked with a debt consolidating company before to help you settle debts? Share your experience down below.

    Side Hustles To Check Out

    This Company Will Increase Your Income by $1,000/Month

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